Upload download tool FlashFXP v5.4.0.3939 Chinese Simplified Green Portable Special Edition

FlashFxp is a powerful FTP/FXP transmission software。Now love green soft for everyone to bring FlashFXP Chinese Simplified Green Portable Special Edition has been updated to v5.4.0.3939

FlashFxp Old FTP/FXP Transfer EssentialSoftware,Powerful and most commonly used FTP,FXP,FTPS,SFTP upload download essential tools,It can quickly deploy and maintain user sites。Supports uploading and downloading site files,For example, a document,Image,Video,Music and so on.。Also supports the transfer and backup of local and remote files,and transfers and transfers between FXP servers。Support for multilingual,Including Chinese Simplified.。

Description of the app:

FlashFXP is the FTP for Windows,FTPS,SFTP client。 Buy Download
Safety,Reliable,Efficient file transfer。

Publish and maintain your website with FlashFXP。Upload and download files,As documents,Photo,Video,Music, etc. Transfer or back up local and remote files,and (FXP) server-to-server ftp transfer。

FlashFXP offers unique and free advanced features for client configurations。Share files with your friends and colleagues (FTP or SFTP server required)。

Available in more than 20 languages:Bulgarian,Chinese Simplified,Chinese Traditional,Czech,Danish,Dutch,English,Estonian,French,German,Hungarian,Italian,Norwegian,Polish,Portuguese – European,Romanian,Russian,Spanish,Swedish,Turkish。(Full list)

In OpenSight Software,We pride ourselves on providing a superior user experience,From less skilled professionals to industry-level professionals,Anyone can master FlashFXP。

Take our portable version with you with Your FlashFXP,Don't do it without FTP,FTPS,SFTP client stranded。


Update the log:

FlashFXP v5.4.0.3970 @ 04/01/2017
Added a new New Yves Ying setting “character Strict sifyd” in the Site Manager / Options tab. When checked, FlashFXP Will Not For Iter to Detect UTF-8 mixed with non-UTF-8 text. On servers that do not use UTF-8 yn ysty mans may ystyd y sy'n as uTF-8 and as a sa'e garble the text, checking this setting san avoid the issue. We have seen this issue on Xlight FTP server software when using the character encoding Chinese Simplified (GBK/GB2312)
Fixed: A slow performance startup issue under a remote terminal session when the window state was maximized.
Change: When running under a remote terminal session we’ve reduced the amount of memory allowed to be allocated for remote directory caching. The original memory allocation limit was calculated based on a desktop PC and now we a different method for server environments to make FlashFXP more server resource friendly.
The crash report dialog is now dpi-aware.
Updated SecureBlackBox library.
Fixed: In a site profile if the login type was previously set to “Key based” and then changed to “Normal” The sauly saved key was no is used yn y sydd y llysy. Now the key ys not eireed.


Version description:(@roustar31)

Made based on the official version,Retain Chinese and English languages
No registration code required,Startup is the authorized version
Fully green portability,Can be taken away to run with
perfect official no Hanchinese a character

2019.05.30 Update V2:
Upgrade OpenSSL Component Library File Libcrypto-1.1.dll、libeay32.dll、libssl-1-1.dll、ssleay32.dll to the latest version,Digital signature for Microsoft。


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Genuine specials.:(A small partner with the ability can support a wave)



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