QQ Cyclone v4.8.773 Official Green Special Edition

QQ Cyclone v4.8 Official Edition Minor Update,The latest version number is v4.8(773),There's no special update this time.,Major optimization of stability。QQ Cyclone has adopted a new way to support multiple types of browser plug-ins such as Chrome,Plug-ins are easier to use,Now also not crazy to write the card computer!

QQ Cyclone v4.8.773 Green Special Edition,Originally modified by zd423,Special VIP membership rights,Enjoy unlimited downloads for free,Don't miss out on non-member friends using Cyclones!QQ Cyclone is Tencent's next-generation download tool,Fast downloads,Less memory is consumed,The interface is refreshing and simple。Simple,Pure,Small! A new look、New Cyclone、 Extreme download、 Simple high speed、 Regression Download 、Still simple!

QQ旋风 v4.8.773 正式版 绿色特别版
New version changes:

QQ Cyclone 4.8(773)(2015.11.19)
– Client stability optimization

QQ旋风 v4.8.773 正式版 绿色特别版

Green Special Edition Details:

—(Optional)Go Cyclone Library button、Hard change does not show libraries;

- Light up "VIP members"、"Extreme Download Privilege" Prestige icon;

- Perfect Special "Extreme Download Privilege" Limit,Unlimited number of times;

- Lift the "Extreme Download 90 Seconds" limit,Lock it up for unlimited time;

- Lift the "five-time-a-day" limit,Unlimited number of times per day;

- Lift the "Extreme download privileges after suspending or exiting a task" usage limit;

- Change "Right-click" Fast Download" is available after "Pause or Exit";

- Hard-changer only reads the current directory TXSSO library,Avoid read conflicts;

- Ban under-the-scenes promotion of material,Go to menu items:Feedback、Escalate the problem;


Ask:Why is there a whirlwind?,Click on the "Cyclone Protocol Chain" download also prompts to install?

Back:Browser plug-in is not registered,Maybe it was blocked by security software.,Need to run greening as an administrator。

Also due to the official QQ cyclone browser plug-in and IE10/11 is not compatible,So use compatibility view!

Use Firefox、Users of Chrome Green,Please manually drag the extension to the browser address bar to install:

[Latest] QQ Cyclone v4.8.773 Official VIP Green Special Edition

[Classic Edition] QQ Cyclone v3.9.718 Official Edition Go Ad Green

http://yunpan.cn/cLn8ztNtyEiFR Access code c110

http://pan.baidu.com/s/1dDCxYN3 Access code l8hg

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