115Cloud watch video without waiting! 7Player v4.3

115Skip-the-line Player 7Player v4.3,Removed the Close Ad Prompt box。7Player is not so much a player,It's more of a 115-network third-party client.,Waiting-free is really nice! There's no completely free lunch in the world.,Often use as good as to go to Taobao to open a member worry!

7Player is a player dedicated to playing 115 web disk videos,Users only need to log in with 115 accounts to use。Product Features 1. One-click play net disk video after successful landing at the login interface,Click on the video file,Wait patiently for a buffer time of around 10s to play,Don't have to wait hundreds of seconds to watch video anymore.。2. One click to download the web disk file Click the web disk non-video file can call the browser to download。

115云看视频免等待!7Player v4.3

7Introduction to the Player features
1、Local file management
2、115Online playback of web-panel video files(No need to wait)、File download

7Player turns on calling third-party video player son
Long press and hold on 115 web disk video files,More than 300 points required,Click on the menu to get points to query and earn points
After more than 300 points,Can receive any file standard code,Points less than 300 points (no points can be used),Can receive no more than 3 file standard codes at a time
Share your file standard code to earn points


Due to the fact that the ad credit provider does not provide a credit backup feature,So after the 7player uninstalls,,Points will be cleared。7Player in line with the principle that points can also be used,Common features do not rely on credits;

The playback video is a source file,2G above large file HD format for internet speed and mobile phone requirements high,Buffering occurs;

7Player does not support package code reception,Only support for the sharing and receipt of gift packages;

New version changes:

2015-08.03 7Player v4.3
1. Play interface join exit button,Convenient for users who do not have an entity key returned
2. Waiting for a prompt to join the click-disappear feature,Convenient for users who do not have a return key
3.Remove the Close Ad Prompt box
4.Join the Quick Play feature,This feature is beta,Please don't rely too much on this feature,If normal playback can achieve viewing effect,Do not use this feature。The work may fail on a certain day。There may be a bug in this feature,Please understand.,Just be successful.,Don't force it if you fail.。In short, you can not use this feature without using this feature。

Video demo.:

7Player - Play 115 Web Disk Video Online,No need to wait


7Player (New Edition) File Sharing and Receiving Feature Demo


Download the address:

115Third-party player watch video without waiting! 7Player 4.3 Latest

115Web disk v5.5.5 Special Edition Watch video free VIP queuing,Direct seconds!

http://yunpan.cn/cjyNQVeTfh5Uh Access password f6f5

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