Thunderbolt U-Premium is a member-only version for member users,The U-share version removes all the parts on the interface that are not related to the download.,No ads.、There are no plug-ins.、There are no upgrades.、There is no browser.,There is only one core function.,Download。Thunderbolt U-Share Edition.,Pure and ad-free.,Only for downloads! The ultimate in simplicity.,Only the most basic download features are retained.,Return to the beginning of the download.。


Thunder.、Thunder、Thunderbolt's exclusive version.、Thunderbolt VIP Exclusive Edition.、Thunderbolt VIP Member Exclusive is a client designed for Thunderbolt Platinum members.,Thunderbolt Members simplifies bloated plug-ins and ads.,Restoring Thunderbolt is the fastest.、Minimum characteristics.。Light is the biggest feature of this product.,A quick download of cold resources is technically balanced.、Reduce software turn-on response times.,and the resource footprint after it is turned on.。

Description of the app:

Distinguished and exclusive.
Clients involved in designing exclusive members.
A subsequent version will introduce exclusive benefits.

Streamlined and focused.
Refreshing、Clean.、Zero ads.、Focus on the download experience.
Faster start-up.、Smaller memory footprint.

Offline downloads are accelerated.
Download the engine upgrade.、Offline acceleration performance improvements.
Solve the problem of slow download of cold resources.


Update the log:

Add a super-accelerated trial.
Error prompt information optimization.
Partial BUG fix.


Instructions for use:

Please copy the version.dll in this folder to the Thunderbolt installation directory.,limits that are especially unable to be downloaded by members.,If the interface cannot be operated.,Please run Thunderbolt as an administrator.
Only special non-members cannot use the ThunderBolt U-Share restrictions.,You can't use the cloud to speed up !!!
version.dll is added to the strong shell.,You may be killed by a false positive for the virus software.,In case of false positives,Please add a whitelist

32The bit system path.:C:Program FileS Thunder Network Thunder VIP Program.
64The bit system path.:C:Program Files (x86)Thunder Network Thunder VIP Program.

Want to ban thunder automatic upgrade.,Please delete this file of the Thunderbolt installation directory on it.
32The bit system path.:C:Program FileS Thunder Network ThunderThunderThunderThunderThunderThunderLiveUpdate.xar.
64The bit system path.:C:Program Files (x86)Thunder Network Thunder ThunderVIPThunderThunderThunderLiveUpdate.xar.


This green version is from.:

Dusted wood.


Download the address:



Baidu: Extract code: ppdm.

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  • All resources on this site are available to provide a trial experience,You must be within 24 hours of downloading, Completely remove from your device。
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  • All resources on this site are free to download。
  • Exclusive lying local high-speed download or blue-play high-speed links only for our members。

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