Backup Restore Tool Acronis True Image 2020 v24.5.1 Green Special Edition

Acronis True Image is a backup restore tool on the windows platform,Acronis True Image, a backup restore tool that loves Green Soft for everyone 2020 Green Special Edition has been updated tov24.5.1

Acronis True Image can use all features of cloning and recovery software under Windows;The fastest cloning and recovery;Acronis True Image supports DVD drives,Enterprise users can back up large amounts of data on a large DVD;Easy to operate。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Complete network protection
Our unique network protection solution combines reliable backup with proven antimalware technology,Protect all your data effectively,Applications and systems。

Backup and recovery
Mirror。 Disk cloning。All-in-one recovery drive。No matter what happens,,It's easy to make sure your data is available for recovery。

No matter where you are,Any file in the cloud backup can be retrieved from any device。Remotely manage backups。Enjoy secure file sync and sharing。

Innovation protection
The only personal backup solution,Stop ransomware and encryption preemption with AI real-time。Provide situarization of blockchain data。

Enhance Vision 2020
The way we access and use data is constantly changing,Threats to data are constantly changing。Your protection must also develop.。Acronis True Image 2020 with more than 100 enhancements and new features,Keeping you up-to-date。

Automatic double protection
Back up locally,Copy it in the cloud at the same time,This allows you to securely replicate offsite for recovery。

Tray Notification Center
Messages pushed to the desktop tray,You can monitor backup status,to respond quickly to any questions。

Custom power management
Manage laptop backups effectively,Avoid draining the battery Set the minimum power level or prevent battery-powered backups。

Backup Choice Wi-Fi
The place you back edited up is your choice.。Right now,You can easily avoid metering connections and public networks that put data at risk。

Improved cloud restores
Enjoy faster performance and a more intuitive experience。Improved easier navigation。

Efficient,All-in-one protection
Protect your data with multiple solutions? Then you need to pay more for the patchwork.,This will leave a gap in your defense.。Acronis True Image 2020 provides integration,Data protection is controlled with a single, intuitive dashboard,Network security and management capabilities。


Update the log:

Dual Protection
Acronis makes the protection process easy and efficient by replicating local backups in the cloud automatically, so that you always have an off-site copy available for recovery. Once you’ve successfully completed the first backup, the backup and replication occur simultaneously.
Enhanced Backup Technology
Our new backup format delivers a better overall performance, enabling faster browsing of cloud backups, improved speed for backups and recovery, and data deduplication.
Tray Notification Center
You can get messages pushed to your desktop tray. This allows you to monitor the status of your backups easily, receive timely tips on how to enhance your protection, and quickly respond to any issues.
Enriched Anti-Ransomware
As cyberthreats continue to evolve, we constantly enhance Acronis Active Protection to stay ahead of them. Our new machine learning models make our software more effective and the latest version now stops illicit service termination attacks. You will be informed of the reason a particular process is being monitored or blocked as malicious.
Back up on Selected Wi-Fi
You can easily avoid metered connections and unsecure public networks that put your data at risk, by selecting the Wi-Fi networks you use to back up your data. This keeps your uploads secure.
Custom Power Management
Manage your backups so they don’t drain the battery. This ensures that your laptop will run when you need it. You can set a minimum power level for backups or completely block backups on battery power.
Known issues and limitations of this version
Please note that the new technology for disk-level backup is introduced in Acronis True Image and is being improved, so it may currently have the following limitations:
TI-169821 Backup conversion to VHD format is not present for the new backup format.
TI-171553 Moving the backup through the Acronis True Image console is not present for the new backup format.
TI-169548 Renaming local backups is not possible for the new backup format.
TI-172340 Backup mounting option is not present for the new backup format.
TI-168095 Cloud Entire PC backups are empty if browsed from mobile applications.
TI-172086 Differential backup is created instead of a full backup after the second launch of a local disk backup with “Version chain” scheme.
TI-168969 Acronis Universal Restore cannot detect external USB drives.


Version description:

Made based on the official version
Keep all languages,Includes Chinese Simplified
Optimize your settings,Don't check for updates
Auto-activate after installation,No patch activation tool action required



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