VoiceS Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2019 v22.3.0.439 x64 Special Edition

Sound Shadow is a professional video editing processing software on windows platform。Now Love Green Soft Brings To You The Sound of Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2019 x64 Special Edition has been updated tov22.3.0.439

Sound Shadow is a professional video processing and production software,It is also the necessary software for the production of weddings and general video effects in the studio at present.,He is a digital film editing software designed for individuals and families,Can be a number of words or analog camera stakes such as growth and real、Foreign travel、Personal MTV、Birthday party、Brilliant life clips such as graduation ceremonies produce unique live videos,and made into VCD、SVCD、Dvds、Email or online streaming to share with friends and family!

Application instructions:

It's going to be a sound. 2019 Professional version of affordable and award-winning video editing software

The sound will shadow The Ultimate 2019
Video and movie editing software

Everything in Pro,Plus the Ultimate Effects series,More flexibility and more creativity!

New color rating
New dynamic split-screen video controls
New deformationand and seamless transitions
New video and screen recording software
New advanced plug-ins and video effects

Why does the sound come out of TheUn?
Amazing Videos
Precisely edit HD on a multitrack timeline,4K or 360 Video。

Unlimited creativity
Express yourself with more than 2,000 customizable filters and advanced effects。

Intuitive workflow
From template to timeline editing,Develop your skills and create impressive videos。

Choose a feature-rich and easy-to-use video editor。

Support for almost all popular formats
Dive in and start editing,And enjoy support in a variety of cameras and formats。


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Official Download (2019 Online Installer)

Official Download (2019 SP3 Upgrade Pack) // The updated version is:

Note:The flagship version is only available in English and Chinese Traditional,The Pro version includes Chinese Simplified

About the copyright issue of the conference:Corel Video Studio Pro copyright is owned by Corel Canada,Any other unit and individual so-called copyright is invalid and illegal! Hanhua Pack,To make up for the regret that the concert will be filmed corel official English professional and the flagship version did not Chinese Simplified,doesn't involve The Chinese in the traditional sense (if you have to say it's Chinese,That's also Corel's Hanhua),Not even pJ.,Please know! Please delete within 24 hours of downloading,If you like the sound will be shadowy,Please support the genuine,Website:http://www.s://www.corel.com/cn/,Genuine Purchase Link:http://www.s://www.videostudiopro.com/tw/products/videostudio/


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