Android Special Art Text Text v2.3.6 Premium Professional Special Edition

Stylish Text is a tool on Android that can enter special art fonts。Now Love Green Soft Comes at the expense of Android Special Art Text Stylish Text Premium Professional Special Edition has been updated to v2.3.6

STYLISH TEXT lets you write art fonts anywhere,Send to anyone without opening an app。Love Green Soft

Application instructions:

Write STYLISH TEXT anywhere ,Send to anyone without opening an app。

Floating style – Use stylish text bubbles or text context menu options anywhere。
Favorite Styles – Manage the list of the most common styles and reorder。
Enter options – Change text to capitalization,Small,Random,Camel and Reverse Cases。
Style Editor – Create new styles and decorative greetings with a variety of options。
Themes and colors – 16Midnight blue and pure black themes of color。
Symbol Selector – Choose from a collection of thousands of special symbols。
Fast operation – Quick copy,Share or swipe left/right to do other things。
Block apps – Block apps that you don't want to use with fashion text bubbles。

120 TEXTS,20Numbers and 60 ARTS styles,Including:
BLUE,Double Struck,Script Normal and Bold,Frakture Normal and Bold,Sans Mono,Normal and Bold,Math Bold,Italic and Bold Italic,Circular,SQUARED,DARK CIRCLES,DARK SQUARES,SMALL CAPS,Monospace,Upside Down and Mirrored,Support,Square brackets,Slash,Double slash,Penetrate,Double,Go up and down.,Upmark and subscript, etc.。

LET'S TURN ON STYLISH TEXT ON YOUR PHONE AND START WRITING BEAUTIFUL BIOPSIES。With BOLD , ITALIC , CURSIVE style writing tweets,To highlight text on the timeline。Write decorative greetings on special days and surprise your friends。Chat with fancy text in a group,and become a special person.,to get attention.。Create some unique names and earn fame for popular games。 🙂


Please read here very carefully:

❇️"This app uses accessibility services。"Change the text you typed to a selected style in a different application。
❇️ this application using android.permissions SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW.,Allows you to display floating styles at the top of other applications。
❇️ Android 8.0 and above support all styles。If you're running Android 7, 6 or 5,You won't see certain styles in your device's screenshots。
❇️ some applications and devices may not support text selection menu options。(E.g. Redmi,Mi,POCO,VIVO,OPPO)
❇️ all styles don't support upper and lowercase letters.。Some people may only support capital.,Some may only support funds,Some may only support capital。
❇️ most styles only apply to languages with Latin characters。Other languages have been translated but not all content。


Update the log:

New in version 2.3.5:
1) Fixed an issue to last selected tab in symbols on Android Oreo devices.
2) Added new symbols & letters in symbols picker. (Cyrillic, Coptic & Greek scripts)
Note : We have added “android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW ” permission again because some android 6 and under devices were crashing without this.


Version description:( @Kirlif’)

1、Pro feature unlocked

2、Deleted analysis

3、Disable updates


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