Android Light App Explorer Hermit v15.3.2 Paid Pro Special Edition

Hermit is a light app browser on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the Android light app browser Hermit paid professional special edition has been updated tov15.3.2

Hermit and Lite Apps Browser browse faster,Save data,Block Ads,Protect your privacy,Browse night mode,Reader View,And with each Lite applied 20 different settings to customize the Lite app! Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

What is LITE APPS?
Fast,Awesome integration of very small web applications with Android

With the mountain people,You can replace your large native application with a web-based litthcity application。

Browse faster,Save data,Block Ads,Protect your privacy,Browse night mode,Reader View,And with each Lite applied 20 different settings to customize the Lite app! All apps in 3 MB。

Unlimited LITE APPS,Forever free
Forever free:There are no restrictions.,No ads,No tracking,No payment!
Senior:Access to current and future advanced features and one-time purchases:
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Early use plan
Use all the latest features before you subscribe to others!
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We respect your privacy,So we don't collect any personal information.,Or sell your data。You are the only source of many years of innovative feature-rich updates for our support。Thank you!

Browse faster。Save data。The
Mountain man speeds up your browsing,Protect your privacy while。
No ads.。Not even in the free version。
Ad Blocker:Make all pages thin,Small,and a pretty time。
Pop-up blocker:Prevent unsafe and deceptive websites that open up new tags or vibrate mobile phones。
JavaScript Intercepted:Make most web pages load faster。
Data protection model:Up to the speed of browsing by reducing image size。

Protect ingress of privacy。The
Privacy Focus:No ads.,No tracking of behavior,Collect any personal information。
Phishing and malware protection:Mountain Man blocks any attempt to install Android native apps and integrates Google's malware block。
Micro-service private access keyboard:The URLs of all websites you type will be marked as private by your keyboard,not to personalize auto-completion。

Small Script:Run your own script for your custom extension! In translation designed for Google,Lite pages,QR code,and the support of many others。
Reader app:Read articles using hermit extract techniques from any browser/app article。
Night mode:View night mode any website with dark background and light text。
Estimated reading time:How long it takes to read an article,and jump to reader view。
Multi-window:Use two Lite apps in Android Nougat and above once。
Text size:Increase/decrease the size of the text,To improve readability。
Double back:Is it stuck?,Because the back button takes you to the same page? Try the hermit's dual-back feature!

Robotic system integration
Directly shared:Share text links from apps applied to hermit with any Android。
Add a home screen icon:Other browsers just add an icon,Forget your settings。Mountain Man makes it a true litthin app。Compare yourself:
Label,Reuse:The mint does not open the new tab,If your Lite application is already open,It's like a native application.。
Atom / RSS subscription notifications:Get instant notification when a website publishes new content。
Network Monitor:Contributions are not supported? Mountain people can monitor any particular part of any page,and notify you,When it changes。

Unlimited customers
No other browser allows you to customize as many settings as possible,Mountain Man,and save each Lite app separately。
Custom icons:Choose any icon for your Lite app,Or create a custom letter combination!
Color Picker:Create your own theme。
Text size:Changes and individual save set to each site。
Desktop mode:Load desktop location,not a mobile site.。
Boxless and full-screen mode:You have to try these for yourself!
Positioning:You can choose whether you want a Lite application that is always open vertically or horizontally。


Update the log:

? New UI for main screen! Search Bar at the bottom for easy access + Leser used features moved to top.
? "Tags" feature to all premium users (Out of Early Access)
? Create a Lite App from anywhere: see the Quick Settings menu
⚡ Several sings to startup performance.
? Newwork for Google Play Issue sexperienced by some users
? Fixes for Android 10 compatibility around Scriptlets & Fonts


Version description:( @Kirlif’)

1、Advanced features unlocked

2、Unlock the Preemptive Experience Program

3、No need to unlock

4、Disable analysis

5、Compatible with AOSP


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