Android Opera Browser Opera browser v52.0.2517.139457 Go Ad Edition

Opera browser is a household phone browser on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the Android Opera browser Opera browser go ad version has been updated tov52.0.2517.139457

Opera browser designed for your Android device,It's a fast、Secure web browser,With a redesigned news subscription、Built-in ad blocking and data-saving mode。

Description of the app:

Opera browser designed for your Android device,It's a fast、Secure web browser,With a redesigned news subscription、Built-in ad blocking and data-saving mode。

★ Popular Features ★
Block ingons,Speed up browsing:
Opera's own ad blocking helps you remove intrusive ads and load pages faster,For a more efficient browsing experience。
Personalized news subscriptions:
Backed by our highly intelligent AI news engine,Redesigned news subscription feature lets you swipe the screen to flip through a selection of personalized news channels in your browser、Subscribe to your favorite topics and save articles to read later。Read news tailored to your interests by Artificial Intelligence,Keep abreast of the world。
Easy management of downloads:
Our new download manager is easier than ever、Download the file quickly! You can easily arrange and share individual downloads,And just swipe right or left.,you can remove them from your phone or download list。When you're downloading content but need to open another application,We also support background downloads!
Night mode:
Opera's night mode offers adjustable lighting options,Get the most comfortable reading experience in the dark and minimize eye fatigue。Night mode is easily accessed from the main menu。
Home screen shortcuts:
Opera browser for Android 7.1 version or later, Allows quick searches from the home screen、Open a new incognito tab or scan a QR code。To create your own home screen shortcut,Tap the Opera icon on your device's home screen,Then click on the features you need。
Manage passwords and auto-fill credit cards:
Choose to automatically save passwords for each site,and securely auto-fill your payment information for online shopping。
Read comfortably on any screen:
Opera browser has text size settings,Allows you to adjust your page to your reading preferences。What's more,,It's perfect for our line wrapping,For an unparalleled reading experience。
- Unmarked browsing:
Browse freely on the Internet with unmarked browsing,without leaving any trace on the device。In the tag library,Easy to switch between insecure browsing and normal browsing。

Other highlights
Sync your Opera device:
You can access all Opera bookmarks on other devices、My Navigation shortcuts and open tags。Opera on Android can now easily sync with Opera's browser on your computer。
Browser launch options:
Everyone has their own personality.,So we allow you to choose whether to always display a new tab when you open your browser or continue browsing from where you left off,And whether to choose to close or keep open labels when you leave the browser。
Add to home screen:
Add any website directly to your device's home screen,to be able to access these sites more quickly。Websites such as Facebook can even send you push notifications like apps。


Update the log:

Thanks for choosing Opera! This version sits VPN s, support for printing or saving to PDF, improved MP4 playback, and a refresh of the tab gallery.

More changes:
– 64-Bit support
– Visual s.
– Improved VPN connectivity
– Media auto play settings
– Chromium 73


Version description:(@Dogadaevznet)

1、Remove all ads

2、Remove ad and analysis code

3、Support arm-7a,Android 6+


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