Opera Browser v62.0.3331.72 Official Portable Green

Opera is a browser on the Windows platform。Now Love Green Soft for everyone to bring the Opera browser portable version has been updated tov62.0331.72

Opera is a chrome developed based on chromium,This portable green version of this site is based on official production,No optimization,仅仅是制作成便携绿色版方便携带无需安装即可使用最新版的Opera浏览器

Application instructions:

只需登录您的 Opera 帐户同步浏览数据 – Bookmark、打开的标签密码和输入的历史记录

Faster run
Opera Turbo 会压缩页面数据,Enable faster browsing。

Opera 浏览器拥有 1,000 多个扩展您可以轻松进行自定义

Simpler style
Opera browser has consolidated search and address bar features,更能够自定义键盘快捷键和鼠标手势

Opera 能够保护您的浏览安全,You can concentrate on browsing。

最近关闭的标签标签循环功能,And other small improvements can save you time online。

凭借 Opera 焕然一新的新闻功能,You can get the latest articles directly from your browser home page in your language。

Update the log:

  • DNA-70670 Internal error pages miss error code information
  • DNA-73057 Crash at extensions::SpeeddialPrivateEventRouter::OnBrowserSetLastActive(Browser*)
  • DNA-74364 Zen news notification dosn't-sing when window size small is small
  • DNA-74531 Use Discover servers by default
  • DNA-74542 Record the feature value for DNA-74540
  • DNA-74503 [SECURITY] Magellan vulnerability in SQLite


Version description:



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