Android Scan All-Powerful CamScanner v5.15.0.20191118 Straight Special Chinese Edition

Scanning all-rounder Cam Scanner is a scanner on Android that turns a smartphone into a carry-on。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the scanning all-rounder Cam Scanner straight-load special Chinese edition has been updated tov5.15.0.20191118

Scan CamScanner, the all-powerful king, easily and quickly records and manages your various documents,Receipt,Notes and whiteboard discussions, etc.。And enhance the algorithm with intelligent and accurate image cutting and image enhancement algorithms,Make sure your scans are clear and readable。Scan Almighty can combine photos taken into freely manageable PDF documents,And supports the export of documents。It's not just scanning,Shooting has beautification,Optimised features,And,There are many distinctive features,Like what,Documents uploaded to other clouds,OCR identification,Comments, etc.,Provide users with a document scan、Store、Management、Share、Communication、Collaboration、Synchronized all-in-one solution。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Scan All-Powerful King,Your carry-on scanner.,Move the vault。Turn your phone into a carry-on scanner、Fax machine、PDF Converter、Text text extraction tool,And document sharing collaboration platform。

Support system:Android 2.3 And above

—-Feature highlights—-
The scanner on your phone
Mobile phone shoot sit a document,Automatic removal of cluttered backgrounds,Generate HD JPEG pictures or PDF files。
Multiple image processing modes,Image parameters can be adjusted manually,Use your phone to bring paper documents,Quickly turn to clear electronic manuscripts。

(Picture-text god-
Smart OCR Text Recognition,Mobile phone to shoot paper documents,Search the words on it and find it!
Advanced accounts can also export text recognition from pictures as editable、Copy、Save or share Text text,Support for the identification of 16 languages and texts,Foreign Language Learning Translation Artifacts。

"Carry-on library"
Cell phone、Plate、Computer,Multi-devices to view management documents at any time。
Label classification,Handwritten comments,Document encryption,Convenient and orderly,Efficient and safe。

Wireless printing、Global Fax
Support for wireless printing,And send faxes to more than 30 countries and regions around the world。

Document sharing、Collaborate efficiently
Any document scanned at your fingertips,Can invite friends、Co-workers as collaborators,See together、Comment on the document。Also available via mail、Link、Or Weibo、Social accounts such as WeChat share with friends。

Update the log:

1. New Change: You may now be able to use book Scan mode to scan the book written from left to right.
2. Preview is now now when importing photos from album.

Version description:(@balatan)

1、Unlock PRO Pro
2、Two files down together,CamScanner-v5.XXXXX_build.apk,Re-install Cam Scanner Full Version-1.7.apk

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