Check the dictionary quickly.(Android)v2.9.35 to recommend the refreshing version

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Quick Check Dictionary Update v2.9.35 Edition。Check the dictionary quickly.是第一部权威的离线免费新华汉语字典,2Universal characters include idiom words,More comprehensive and authoritative content。The current library content is detailed、No ads、Support for offline、The most beautifully typed handheld Chinese dictionary。Check out the Chinese dictionary quickly,It is the most comprehensive dictionary and dictionary included in the content.。The Handheld Student dictionary contains:Commonly used fields more than 7,000、1More than a dozen lettering、2Million international (GBK) Chinese characters and more special-shaped characters and eccentric characters。Look up the Chinese dictionary to cover the group words、Idioms、Dictionary、Synonymous words、Antonyms,and Baidu Search and other functions。Quick Check Handheld Chinese dictionary by users like,A teacher、Mentors for parents and students,Essential Artifacts for learning exams。Quickly check the dictionary to recommend the refreshing version carefully modified by @whb,Recommendations for removing software applications,Refreshing interface。

Check the dictionary quickly.(Android)v2.9.35 Update content:

·Optimize the operational flow of your favorite words;
·Fix bugs that are deleted one word a day;
·Expand Offline Word Library,More comprehensive content。
·Lettering table,Automatically include all the lettering you've looked up;

Check the dictionary quickly.(Android)Product Features:

·Offline free:Support Feature Pack Downloads,Offline free flow,Student dictionary that lets you save money;
·Comprehensive Font Library:Contains more than 20,000 international Chinese characters,I'll give you a safe exam dictionary.;
·Stroke Demo:Cool Stroke Writing Demo,Chinese dictionary that teaches you to write correctly;
·Real person pronunciation:Commonly used fields Real pronunciation,When your handheld little teacher's Chinese dictionary;
·Leisure Paradise:A variety of Chinese character games,To bring you a different happy study.…

Check the dictionary quickly.(Android)Interface Preview:


Check the dictionary quickly.(Android)To recommend a refreshing version of the download address:

360Cloud Disk Extraction Code:a728

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