Check the dictionary quickly.(Android)v2.9.35 to recommend refreshing version

Quick look up dictionary update v2.9.35 version。Check the dictionary quickly.Is the first authoritative offline free Xinhua Chinese dictionary,2Ten thousand Chinese characters included idioms,More comprehensive and authoritative content。At present, the word library is detailed、No ads、Support for offline、The most beautiful palm Chinese dictionary。Check up the Chinese dictionary quickly,Is the most comprehensive inclusion of the dictionary and dictionary。The pocket student dictionary contains:More than 7,000 common lying words、1More than ten thousand new words、2More than 10,000 international (GBK) Chinese characters and more shaped and strange characters。Quickly look up the Chinese dictionary covering the phrases、Idioms、Dictionary、Near-meaning words、Antonyms,As well as Baidu search and other functions。Fast look up the chinese dictionary is very popular with users,It's the teacher.、Mentors and friends of parents and students,Essential artifacts for learning exams。Quick lying out the dictionary to recommend the refreshing version carefully modified by @WHB,Remove software application recommendations,The interface is refreshing.。

Check the dictionary quickly.(Android)v2.9.35 Update:

·Optimize the process for favorite words;
·Fix bugs that are removed by a word every day;
·Expand your offline word library,More comprehensive content。
·The living word list,Automatically include all the raw words you check;

Check the dictionary quickly.(Android)Product features:

·Offline free:Support for feature pack downloads,Offline traffic-free,Student dictionary that keeps you saving money;
·A comprehensive word library:With more than 20,000 international characters,To give you a safe exam dictionary.;
·Stroke demo:Cool stroke writing demo,A Chinese dictionary that teaches you to write correctly;
·Real pronunciation:Common lying of common words,When you hold the little teacher's Chinese dictionary;
·Leisure Park:A variety of Chinese character games,Bring you different happy learning…

Check the dictionary quickly.(Android)Interface Preview:


Check the dictionary quickly.(Android)To recommend a refreshing download address:

360Cloud disk extraction code:a728

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