APK Editor(APK Editor Pro)v1.6.2 Professional Edition

APK Editor(APK Editor Pro),The APK Editor is an apk file that can be edited/cracked,It can help us do things.,For example, localized strings,Background picture Replacement,Layout re-schema,Even advertising eliminates,Removing permissions and so on what it can do depends on how you use it。The APK Editor is a powerful tool,Can edit/crack apk files,To have fun doing a lot of things.。But,To use it to do,We need a little professional skills.。



Application Instructions:

它可以帮助我们做一些事情如字符串本地化背景图像替换,Layout re-schema,Even advertising eliminates,权限删除等它可以做什么取决于你如何使用它。But,要好好利用它我们需要一点专业技能不要害怕帮助页面中给出了一些示例


Update log:

adapt to android 8
upgraded android lib & smali version



Download Address:

Cheng Tong:https://ilvruan.ctfile.com/fs/884953-327936091

Blue Playing:https://www.lanzous.com/i2q9rba

Baidu:https://pan.baidu.com/s/13kGIqmOb7k-o8dcqNFuKqg Extraction Code: cry4

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