Android Cool Dog Music v9.2.8 Go Ad Edition

Cool Dog Music is a music app on Android,Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android Cool Dog Music to the advertising version has been updated to v9.2.8

Cool Dog Music(Android)is by far the most powerful.,Most people use music software! There's a powerful music search,High-speed download,Massive Library,Professional decoding technology,Make the perfect music experience at any time。Cool Dog Music(Android)Massive Network Library,Powerful music search engine,HD full-screen write auto-match,Full support for a wide range of audio formats,Professional equalizer,Independent research and development of verbatim precise KRC lyrics,Personalized custom skin,Line control,Desktop Lyrics,Sleep mode,It's convenient and practical to shake the song。

Application instructions:

Cool Dog Music is a P2P music sharing software and audio media playback software,You can search for music and music MV、Download and play。Cool Dog is part of Tencent Music entertainment Co., Ltd.,The company was established in Guangzhou in 2004。The classic prompt when you turn on the software is "Hello! Cool Dog"。Cool Dog for The Public,The main way to make money is the game、Advertising and live-streaming business。

Cool Dog Music's latest and most comprehensive online genuine music site,This site provides you with the most complete online music audition download for you free of charge,and mass radio and MV broadcasting services around the world.、Latest Music Player Download。

Update the log:

Not yet

Version description:(Romantic)

Over-piracy detection;Based on the latest 9.2.0 Beta modifications。
Unlock the Member and Paid Album Skin;
Unlock non-destructive sound quality download rights for free music
Standard sound quality can be downloaded after a paid music audition
Remove launch page ads;
To update,Remove push code。

Download address: Extract code:d331


Tips:0Points are login view,99Points for SVIP login view,Free use of high-speed download links 5 times a day for regular users。

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