Android China Perpetual Calendar ECalendar v7.9.8 Go Ad Edition

China Perpetual Calendar is a mobile calendar software for Android platform,Provides calendar query capabilities that are relevant to people's lives,Users can customize the festival、Tasks and reminders。The software integrates notepads at the same time、Festival、Yellow Calendar、Physiological rhythms、Utilities such as Constellation and several beautiful desktop widgets。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

China's Perpetual Calendar Brand Upgrade。Calendar、Schedule、Note、Remind,Full-featured,Small size;Fast,Good word-of-mouth.,We're still the 300 million Chinese who choose the Chinese Perpetual Calendar.,Still provide free cloud services for new and old calendar friends,World-leading cross-platform calendar APP,Make time fun!
1、Calendar:The lunar calendar looks casually,Holiday Festival Airways Full。
2、Weather:China Weather Network Strategic Partner,Support weather background varies with weather,Provide air quality、Disaster early warning and other comprehensive information;
3、Personality Reading:News、Paternity、Emotion、Travel、Events... Custom personal reading tastes,You care.,We all understand.;
4、Birthday、Anniversary、Countdown Day:Support for contacts、One-click import of important dates on social networks;
5、Note:Support multiple times、Recurring repeated reminders,Support for adding doodles、Audio recordings and other information;
6、Cloud sync:Support for mobile phones、Pad、Real-time synchronization on the web side;
7、Private customization:Support for full-screen half-screen calendar styles、Multi-theme skin。


Update the log:

1、My -Settings Feature Optimization
2、Discovery of smaller video (visible to some users)
3、Home Custom Calendar Style Optimization
4、Family SMS Add Address Book Can Be Added with one click
5、Bug Fix


Version description:

By Beauty
to start an ad.、Unlock VIP membership (no login required),Unlock data recovery VIP function (login required)
Go home:Ad flow、Short video、Headlines、Measure the momentum、Measure eight words、Daily event messages;
Go to the top of the home page:Block ingress pages、Operation details red envelope button、Avatar button、Shortcut add buttons;
Go to the bottom bar.:Weather、Found,Go set the page about and so on useless features;
No upgrade,To upgrade tips,Prevent checking for updates;


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Extract code: tvpn




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