Chinese Perpetual Calendar ECalendar v6.5.8 for Android

中华万年历 ECalendar v6.5.8 for Android中华万年历 ECalendar v6.5.8 for Android中华万年历 ECalendar v6.5.8 for Android中华万年历 ECalendar v6.5.8 for Android中华万年历 ECalendar v6.5.8 for Android中华万年历 ECalendar v6.5.8 for AndroidThe Chinese Perpetual Calendar,Is an Android-based mobile calendar software,Provides calendar query capabilities that are relevant to people's lives,Users can customize the holiday、Tasks and reminders。The software also integrates notepads、Festival、Yellow calendar、Physiological rhythms、Utilities such as Constellation and several beautiful desktop widgets。

Update the log

1、New reminder page,Note、Schedule、Birthdays are clear and orderly
2、Continuously optimize software performance

1、Fix bugs that don't warn about lunar calendar schedules and holidays;
2、Fix bugs that failed to save under The Latin American Chart。

1、Optimising performance、Fix bugs。

1、"My Power" added to the Yellow Calendar、"Content Information"、"Time should be avoided" and other functions;
2、The next Latin America chart can earn points.,You can swipe to see past date meed;
3、Other bug fixes and detail optimization。

1、15-day weather forecast;
2、Drop-down screensaver adds new music playback feature;
3、Posts add relevant reading sections,Adjust the layout of comments;
4、Holiday details to add a custom background cover;
5、Adjust the default font size of your calendar;
6、Fix the bug that alarm sets custom ringtone failure;
7、Other details optimization and bug fixes。

1.24Save on time reminder never to miss;
2.Changed a batch of program apes that claim not to produce bugs.。

·Life Services page new,Points Mall Goes Online;
·The contents of the record can be customized on the monthly calendar;
·Invite Friends Page To see invited friends;
·Other details optimization and bug fixes。

1、Points Mall Goes Online,Do tasks to earn points to claim prizes,A big wave of activity hit.;
2、New revision of the Personal Center,Visual analysis of personal data;
3、Weather interface adds interactive community to the city;
4、New Notes、Schedule movement grouping feature,Mobile classification is more convenient;
5、New login password modification feature;
6、Optimize the UI layout of video cards;
7、Fix bugs on the desktop where the weather plug-in is not up-to-date;
8、Other details optimization。

1、Fix monthly calendar plug-in does not show holidays、Birthday、Bug for Remembrance Day;
2、Constellation Shipping New Week、Month、This year's momentum,Adjust the layout of the interface UI;
3、Optimize the layout of the weather interface index;
4、Optimising Gigi Queries、Physiological Law Interface UI;
5、Festival Details page adds access to the festival introduction entrance;
6、Other details optimization and bug fixes。

1、Theme change:A new visual UI style、New theme color system features、Re-optimizing fonts,It looks more refined.;
2、Optimize cloud services:Clearer schedule management logic,To do、Schedule、Note、Alarm clock、Festivals come together,New Find Is More Convenient,Improve cloud sync performance;
3、Enhanced utility:Life Circle、Zhou Gong's Dream、Jiji Enquiry、Date calculation、Daily sign-off、Check for violations、Check Express、Daily Recipes、Looking for a job;
4、Fix several experience issues and software BUGS;
5、150% performance improvement:Less memory,The operating experience is smoother and more useful!

1、Support schedule memo festivals are displayed directly on the monthly calendar
2、New weather background with weather change feature
3、New revision of card content
4、Optimise weather icons
5、Schedule Notes Holiday Reminder Support Multiple Reminders
6、Repeat by week to repeat every few weeks
7、Several bug fixes and performance optimization

Package name:cn.etouch.ecalendar (domestic version)、cn.etouch.ecalendar2 (International Edition)
System version:Android 2.3

Website http://www.s://

Official Download (6.5.6 Domestic)

Android Market Download (6.5.8 Domestic)

Net Drive Download (6.5.8 International Edition),Less advertising + 6.5.2 Domestic Deaded Version V2)
http://www.s:// Password:762C
http://www.s:// Access password 611b

Brief description:
1、6.3.x Card Management has been renamed Interest Settings,You can choose to add or remove content at Life-System Settings-Interest Settings
2、6.2.1 Google Market,Native No Aesthetic Window,Package names are different from the official version,Need to uninstall older versions to install。

6.5.2 Go to the advertising version of V2 by looking at the snow

Features of V2:
To long press the vibration of the date (No impact on anything else)
To locate layout and permissions
Go to the warm prompt window
Turn off remove redundant message push
Other details

Be sure to uninstall installed versions before installation,and delete the software-related folders such as etouch
Go to advertising new. Smell promotion upgrade redundant service permissions wake up part of the scattered to redundant layout change the name of the Chinese Perpetual Calendar other details modified
Historical years not available
Plug-inifies if they can't be downloaded online,The compression package inside is unzipped to widgetSkin.,Put the widgetSkin folder to etouch/.eCalendar for download

6.3.3 Go to the advertising version features by the fire
Go to the Points Mall
To interact with the city
Remove fake winnings
Remove shuffle ads boxes to the right of the Yellow Calendar card
To launch a logo ad
Remove bottom news (Daily Picks、Today's Hotspots)
go score to sell the harassment
Go to the bottom of the home page "Little Survey"
Go to "More" for all the excess waste items
Go to Taobao Youmi Xiaomi QQ application wall and other ads
Go check, upgrade, go apply recommendation, go lottery.
Remove ad pages when you quit
To read redundant permissions such as the system's underlying logs
Change the name of the software "Chinese Perpetual Calendar" for "Chinese Perpetual Calendar"

* The following section has been cancelled in the new official version:
Remove XG Push Services (4.5.0 New Services)
Remove the "American Calendar" pop-up advertisement in the physiological law
Change "life" to "weather" (Simply go to the advertising version of the extension _NOAD, Renovation plus _NOSH)
Remove Baidu installation and uninstall monitoring (4.5.0 has been removed from this perverted function)
(Monitor your phone, Install and uninstall apps every time,It's all recorded.! This perverted behavior we are determined to stop!)

If the software version has a higher version this site is not updated ,Please leave a message under this article,Reminder updates.。Software not included in this siteClick On My Submission

This information may help you.: Download help | Points to earn instructions

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