Coco English v2.7.7 for Android

可可英语 v2.7.7 for AndroidCocoa English,Essential English learning instruments for students and white-collar workers,Five-star praise,Long-term male English class APP top,Rich intimate function sits to meet your oral English listening training、Back words and English exams and other learning needs

Key features

1、Massive content:3000High-quality English programs,Voice sync bilingual subtitles,More than 300,000 audio resources;
2、Listening offline:Listen ingress offline to save money,High-speed unlimited batch download,Easy to learn English anytime, anywhere;
3、Hearing training: Single sentence loop repeated lying,Nine Palace Game Practice Hearing,Single dictation destroys hearing dead ends;
4、Oral and read:Smart Real-Time Speaking Rating,Rate sentence by sentence with word-by-word,Help you overcome the "opening" hurdle.;
5、Word recitation:Computer phone sync progress,Support for custom new wordsbooks,Back words break through to earn bean for gifts;
6、English Question Library:Selected English questions by famous teachers,Listening Reading Translation Writing,Intensive simulation training on a case-by-case basis;
7、Study group:Colorful English Group,Live interaction with online friends, English learning is no longer a struggle alone;
8、Intimate features:Share earned bean exchange gifts,Wake up alarm clock off regularly,Learning to record automatic cloud sync;

Update the log

1.Optimize audio and video playback
2.Optimize offline downloads
3.New course hearing training system

1.Added 4or-6 Real Question Microlesson Video;
2.New English three-level special question library;
3.Optimise check words,New Collins Dictionary;
4.New offline translation and offline dictionary features;
5.Optimising group posts,Support for new groups;

1.New desktop captioning features
2.Optimize the review function of new and back words
3.Optimize the four-question library module
4.Optimize dictation training

·Optimize dictation training player
·Optimize program series and list pages
·Optimising the bilingual reading section

1.Question library exercises add offline answers and notes
2.Back word and dictation training process optimization;
3.Program order load speed optimization;
4.Android 6.0 Compatibility Optimization。

1.New Find and Add Friends;
2.New statistical function of objective questions in the question bank;
3.Optimize back words、Dictation and other functions;

1.Added six levels and college entrance examination English question bank;
2.New Learning Records Statistics;
3.Optimize the overall UI layout and word translation functions;
4.Optimize backword and dictation training;
5.Optimize headphone cable control、External SD card settings。

1.Added four-level special intensive training problem library system
2.Optimize program single page and list page downloads, etc.

1.New dictation training features
2.New back word feature

1.Optimising playback compatibility issues;
2.Optimize single sentences and single loops;
3.Optimize the new wordbook,New word classification and testing features;
4.New invitation to friends to earn beans;

Net disk download
http://www.s:// Password:2ms2

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