BT bit comet BitComet V1.55 Green Edition

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BitComet is a BT download software on the windows platform。Now Love Green Soft brings BT Bit Comet BitComet Green edition has been updated toV1.55 。

BitComet(Comet bit)It's a completely free BitTorrent.(Bt)Download management software,Also known as BT download client,It is also a download manager that integrates bt/http/ftp。BitComet(Comet bit)Has a number of leading BT download technology,Unique technology for side download side playback,There is also a convenient and natural interface for use。The latest version also applies BT technology to regular HTTP/FTP downloads,You can accelerate your regular downloads with BT technology。

BitComet V1.42 - BT比特彗星

Application Instructions:

BitComet default with Simplified Chinese interface,Very small size.,Support for all common Windows operating systems。

Long-acting seeds: Unique long-acting seed function,Can significantly increase download speed。
Support for magnetic chain: Using the DHT network,BT download without torrent file。
Side Download Side Playback: In the download MP3, rmvb, WMV and other video files in the process can be downloaded while playing。
Cross-Protocol Downloads: BT tasks can be downloaded from http/ftp source,To increase download speed。
File Block Alignment: Innovative file chunks align to make seeds,Compatible with older versions without adding any redundant data transfers。

Intelligent Connection Optimization: Automatically optimize downloads based on your network connection。
Smart Disk Caching: Use memory for download caching, Effectively reduce hard disk read and write speed, Extend its service life。
Smart Disk allocation: Effectively reduce disk fragmentation generation。
Smart file Scanning: No need to scan files again for continuous transmission。
Intranet interconnection: Breakthrough Gateway,Automatic interconnection transmission between different intranets。
Support through public DHT networks,Implement no trackertorrent file download。
Automatic firewall configuration,Fully automatic configuration XP network Connection Firewall(Icf)Sharing with network connections(Ics)。
Automatically configure router port mappings,Using UPnP technology to realize intranet free configuration (requires router support UPnP),Operating system XP)。
TCP/IP restrictions compatible with Windows XP SP2,and have adjustment options for Tcpip.sys patches。
Support for multi-tracker protocols,UTF-8 Extensions,UDP Tracker V2 Protocol。
HTTP/FTP Download
Intelligent naming: Intelligent naming of innovative filename, Auto name can be downloaded for MP3 and software downloads。
Side Download Side Playback: In the download avi, rmvb, WMV and other video files in the process can be downloaded while playing。
Breakpoint Continuation: Safe and reliable breakpoint continuous transmission technology,Ensure the integrity of the downloaded file。
Multithreaded Downloads: Files are split into multiple points and downloaded from the server at the same time,Increase download speed。
Multi-Mirror Download: Automatically find file mirroring,Download from multiple servers at the same time,Increase download speed。
Multilingual support: Can correctly handle multilingual operating system multilingual Web pages,Multilingual Path encoded URLs


Update log:

Not yet


Release description:(Angry bananas)

1、The original program was not modified,Keep it safe.、Stability、Authentic。
2、Updates are not checked by default at startup。
3、Settings and personal data are saved under the Data folder。
4、Default does not IE integration。BitComet Green Edition does not become the default IE download client,The related right-click menu item is also not added。
5、Shut down:BT client set to default at startup
6、Default Display Statistics window。
7、Screenshot of video file not uploaded after default。
8、Compatible with the installation version,You can switch to use。
9、Shut down:Associated Magnetic chain at startup。
When you want to add a BT task or a magnetic chain task,It is highly recommended to use the "drag and drop BT seed to the BitComet Green version interface"、"Direct copy of the Flux link to the Clipboard" way to create a new download task。


Download Address:

City Pass:Https://


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