BT Bit Comet BitComet v1.65 X64 Green Edition

BitComet is a BT download software on the windows platform.。The green version of bitComet, the BT BitComet, has been updated.v1.65.

BitComet(Bit Comet)is a completely free BitTorrent(Bt)Download the management software.,Also known as BT download client.,It is also a BT/HTTP/FTP download manager.。BitComet(Bit Comet)Has a number of leading BT download technology.,Unique technology for playing while downloading.,There is also a convenient and natural interface for use.。The latest version also applies BT technology to ordinary HTTP/FTP downloads.,You can speed up your regular downloads with BT technology.。Love Green Soft

BitComet V1.42 - BT比特彗星

Description of the app:

BitComet comes with a Chinese Simplified default.,Very small size.,Supports all common windows operating systems.。

Long-lasting seeds.: Unique long-lasting seeding.,can significantly increase download speed.。
Supports magnetic chains.: Use a DHT network.,BT downloads are not required for Torrent files.。
Play while downloading.: In the download MP3., rmvb, Video files such as wmv can be downloaded and played.。
Cross-protocol downloads.: BT tasks can be downloaded from the HTTP/FTP source.,This increases download speed.。
The files are aligned in chunks.: Innovative file chunk alignment to make seeds.,Compatible with legacy versions and does not add any redundant data transfers.。

Smart connection optimization.: Automatically optimize downloads based on your network connection.。
Smart disk cache.: Use memory as a download cache., Effectively reduces the speed at which hard drives read and write., Extend its service life.。
Smart disk allocation.: Effectively reduce disk fragmentation.。
Smart file scanning.: There is no need to scan the file again for continuing transmissions.。
Intranet connectivity.: Break through the gateway.,Automatic interconnection between different intranets.。
Supports through a public DHT network.,Implements no TrackerTorrent file download.。
Automatic firewall configuration.,Fully automatic configuration of XP network connection firewall.(Icf.)and network connection sharing.(Ics.)。
The router port map is automatically configured.,The use of UPnP technology to achieve intranet configuration-free (requires routers to support UPnP.,Operating system XP)。
TCP/IP restrictions compatible with Windows XP SP2.,There are also adjustment options for tcpip.sys patches.。
MultiTracker protocols are supported.,UTF-8 extension.,UDP Tracker v2 protocol.。
HTTP/FTP download.
Smart naming.: Innovative file names are intelligently named., It can be automatically named for MP3 and software downloads.。
Play while downloading.: In the download avi., rmvb, Video files such as wmv can be downloaded and played.。
Intermittent.: Safe and reliable intermittent transmission technology.,The integrity of the downloaded file is guaranteed.。
Multithreaded download.: Files are divided into multiple points and downloaded from the server at the same time.,Increase download speed.。
Multi-mirror download.: Automatically look for file images.,Download from multiple servers at the same time.,Increase download speed.。
Multi-language support: Can handle multilingual operating system multilingual web pages correctly.,A URL encoded by a multilingual path.


Update the log:

GUI Improved.: choose only KB/s or MB/s as speed unit automatically., excluding B/s.

GUI Improved.: do not allow reentrancy of new task creating window to avoid stack overflow.

GUI Bugfix.: Program may crash at exit triggered by Windows shutdown/restart/logoff.

Core Improve.: Support TLS v1.3 for HTTPS.

Core Improve.: Support Server Name Show for multiple domains hosted HTTPS sever.

Core Bugfix.: Long-Term Seeding does not work for certain torrents.


Version description:

1、The original program was not modified.,Keep ingane、Stability、Authentic。
2、Updates are not checked at the default startup.。
3、Settings and personal data are saved under the data folder.。
4、The default is not ie integration.。BitComet Green does not become the default ie download client.,Related right-click menu items are also not added.。
5、Shut down:The bt client is set to default at startup.
6、The statistics window is displayed by default.。
7、Screenshots of video files are not uploaded when the default is complete.。
8、Compatible installation,You can switch to use.。
9、Shut down:The magnetic chain is associated at startup.。
When you want to add a bt task or a magnetic chain task.,Very recommended to use drag and drop bt seeds to BitComet green interface、Copy the magnetic chain directly to the clipboard to create a new download task.。


Download the address:


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