Lightweight PDF Reader Sumatra PDF v3.2.11822 Green Portable

Sumatra PDF is an open source green pdf reader on the windows platform。Now Love Green Soft brings lightweight PDF reader Sumatra PDF to updatev3.2.11822

The capabilities of the Sumatra PDF are extremely streamlined,It's fast.。This software is free of charge、Small,There is only one execution file。Sumatra PDF remembers the last page the user viewed on each PDF file,This makes it easy to browse e-books。Love Green Soft

Sumatra PDF V3.2.10530 - 轻量级PDF阅读器Application instructions:

Sumatra PDF is designed in a simple style。The installation file of the software is small,Only about 1MB,Much smaller than Adobe Reader's installation profile 27.5MB,Start fast,And has more than 20 language interfaces。Since there is only one file,,Can be considered portable software。And on the PortableApps website.,There are also available portable versions of Sumatra PDF,Allows the user to have it on a USB usb disk、Ipod、Removable hard drive、On CD,Easy to use。
Sumatra PDF has a practical feature,is that it can remember the last page that the user last viewed on each PDF file.,This makes it easy to browse e-books。


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Green Portable Edition

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