Universal five Input method v9.9.8.10405 to the advertising version

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Universal Five Input method is an input method on Windows platform,Now love Green soft for everyone to bring the universal five input method to the advertising version has been updated to v9.9.8.10405

Universal Five Input method is a collection of the country's current popular five font and pinyin、English、Stroke、Pinyin + stroke and other input methods as one of the multivariate input method。All input methods are only in one Input method window,You don't need to switch to the switch.。If you enter five,,The word you want to enter cannot be found,You can use Pinyin or English words to enter the words you want any one。

Application Instructions:

1、China's first EXE external input method,Fast speed, no, Carrington.,Quick Feature Experience,Universal access to windows around the world。
2、Can intelligently determine whether the input encoding is five、Pinyin、English or single strokes, etc.,Users do not need to switch manually。
3、Universal question mark learning key "? "Lets you quickly wipe out all the difficult words。
4、A full range of universal semicolon keys to quickly expand system functionality。
5、A variety of single key front and rear paging methods,Make it easier for you to find。
6、In the original English translation,Chinese translation of English input method,Help you learn and use English。
7、Flexible and considerate anti-check coding learning function,Is your best mentor.。
8、Unique multi-input scheme,Enable you to learn five、Pinyin、English,Very simple.。
9、Bring your own single stroke input method,3Minutes to learn to type computer,Lets you uncover the mystery of computer typing。
10、Convenient and fast online screen word making,A semicolon word that you want. ,To make your typing more and more useful.。
11、Friendly step tips to make computer beginners handy。
12、General Chinese Internal Code conversion function allows you to "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Complexity Pass"。
13、Multiple personalized input windows,Can let you choose at will。
14、Unique two-line standard window makes your eyes less tired。
15、Personalized Window Skin Change—"New Day and Day"–Make you feel comfortable every day。
16、Original semicolon + English statement half-angle upper screen function,Lets you unlock the hassle of switching。
17、All-round open and transparent coding Chinese tips,Quite a concise English-Chinese Two-way dictionary。Can be found five,Pinyin,English and other coding。
In a sense,,Universal five has gone far beyond the scope of the input method。The slogan of Almighty Five is, "you will five to fight five;will pinyin and pinyin.;Can play English in English;Five Pinyin English is not,Just make 5 simple strokes.;and pinyin + strokes, and so on.。You can hit whatever you think.,No manual conversion required,Gently loosened,Arbitrary,I know it at a glance.,A study will,Enjoy your life。”

Update log:

Universal Five 9.9.7 Update content (2019-04-08)
1.First increase five word root split function,Make five input simpler。(Member preemptive experience)
2.Added word root split encoding support GB 18030 oversized character Set。
3.Optimization”Fixed word order”The interaction for the right-click Candidate phrase for feature trigger。
Note:The original interaction triggers a mouse suspension candidate phrase。
4.Input skin new dynamic skin and other related skin characteristics。
5.Optimize the problem of skin not showing properly in XP environment。
6.Optimize other known bugs。

Release description:(@Qiuquan)

Based on official installation package production(Not repackaged.,Advantages:Stronger compatibility);
Eliminate automatic detection updates;
Exclude Universal five Service program;
Eliminate Universal Five screenshot module;
Exclude Universal Five User Login module;
Prohibit advertising recommended pop-up windows in the lower right corner;
Disable screen central Taobao advertising recommended pop-up window;
Preset text input mode is "five Pinyin mixed loss";
Preset number of candidate words is "9";
Preset input box style is vertical display;
Set up cancel shopping recommendations
Set up to cancel participation in user improvement programs;
Packaging with Inno Setup,Support for silent installation。

The software will eject the advertisement of the software author @qiuquan during the installation process.


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