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Universal five input method is an input method on the windows platform,Now love green soft for everyone to bring the universal five input method to the advertising version has been updated to v9.9.8.10405

Universal five-pen input method is a set of domestic currently popular five pen type and pinyin、English、Stroke、Multiple input methods, such as pinyin and strokes, are one.。All input methods are only in one input method window,You don't need to switch to switch。If you enter five strokes,,The word to be entered could not be found,You can use pinyin or English words to enter any word you want。

Application instructions:

1、China's first EXE external input method,Fast not kn'uncadon,The feature experience is fast,Can be all-in-one hooked up to Windows around the world。
2、Intelligently determine whether an input code is five、Pinyin、English or single strokes, etc.,Users do not need to switch manually。
3、The omnivanta question mark learning key" ? "Lets you quickly eliminate all difficult words。
4、A full range of universal semicolon keys quickly expand system functionality。
5、Multiple one-key back-and-end page-turning,Make it easier for you to find。
6、Original English translation,Chinese translation of English input method,Helps you learn and use English。
7、Flexible and thoughtful anti-check coding learning function,Is your best mentor.。
8、Original multi-input scheme,Let you learn five、Pinyin、English,It's very simple。
9、Bring your own single stroke input method,3Minutes learn to type computer,Let scans the mystery of computer typing。
10、Quick and easy online screen wordmaking,Doas your own semicolons ,Make your typing better and better.。
11、Kind and friendly step tips for beginners on the computer。
12、Universal Chinese internal code conversion lets you "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan"。
13、A variety of personalized input windows,You can choose your choice.。
14、Original two-line standard window makes your eyes less tired。
15、Personalized window skin change—"New Day"–Make you feel good every day。
16、Original semi-angle dysplonal function of semi-angled semi-statements,Lets you get rid of the trouble of switching。
17、All-round open and transparent coding Chinese tips,Quite a concise English-Chinese two-way dictionary.。Five can be found,Pinyin,English, etc. coding。
In a sense,,Universal Five is well beyond the scope of input method。The slogan of Magnum Five is "You'll make five, five.;Can pinyin fight sound;Can play English in English;Five pinyin English will not,Just make 5 simple strokes.;And pinyin, strokes, and so on.。Play whatever you think.,No manual conversion required,Light and relaxed,Arbitrary,I can understand as soon as I see it.,As soon as I learn, i'll get,A lifetime of enjoyment。"

Update the log:

Magnum 5 9.9.7 Update (2019-04-08)
1.Top five-pen root split function,Make five inputs easier。(Member Preemptive Experience)
2.New root split encoding supports national standard 18030 super character set。
3.Optimization”Fixed Word Order”The interaction of the right-click candidate phrase for functional triggering。
Note:The original interaction triggers the mouse suspension candidate phrase。
4.Enter skin new dynamic skin and other related skin characteristics。
5.Optimize to solve the problem that skin does not display properly in xp environment。
6.Optimize other known bugs。

Version description:(@qiuquan)

Based on official installation package production(Not repackaging,Advantages:Stronger compatibility);
Reject automatic detection updates;
Reject the Universal Five Service Program;
Remove the Universal Five Screenshot Stakes Module;
Reject universal five-stroke user login module;
Prohibit ads in the lower right corner to recommend pop-up windows;
Ban the central Taobao ads recommend pop-up windows;
Preset text input mode is "Five Pinyin Mix and Lose";
The number of preset candidates is "9";
Preset input box style is "vertical display";
Set up unshopping recommendations
Set up a cancellation user improvement plan;
Packaged with Inno Setup,Support for silent installation。

The software will pop up during the installation process the advertisement @qiuquan the software author


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