Akelpad V4.9.8 – Small text editing software

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Akelpad is a quick and free text editing software with small files。There are two modes of Single Window single page and Single Window multi-page,Can edit files that exceed the 64k limit。Support for Unicode characters。Any code pages that support the system that is installed。Support for Dos/windows and UNIX line wrapping formats。You can preview an open file,Undo multiple times,Memory Search Replacement Settings,Support for features such as plug-ins。is a good "notepad" alternative tool。

Application Instructions:

Supports three window modes:Single Window (Sdi),Multi-window (Jd.) and pseudo-multi-window (PMDI);
Full support for Unicode systems (NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7) The Unicode string on the;
Support for Unicode code pages (UTF-8, UTF-16LE, UTF-16BE, UTF-32LE, UTF-32BE);
Support any code pages that are already installed on the system;
Support Dos/windows、Unix and Mac line break formats;
Preview before file opens;
Correct error code page display;
Text Column Selection;
Multilevel undo;
Find/Replace "regular expressions" support,Quickly search/Replace text strings;
Remember the location of the file's code page and insertion point;
Print Preview and print of documents;
Support for language modules;
Plug-in support (Syntax Highlight、Text folding、Auto Complete、Script execution、Keyboard macros ...)。
Features that have been implemented through plug-ins:
Clipboard.dll: Capture Clipboard;
Coder.dll: Support for syntax highlighting in multiple programming languages、Text folding、Auto Complete;
ContextMenu.dll: You can customize the main menu,Editing area、MDI tags、Right-click menu for hyperlinks and files;
Exit.dll: Provides a message prompt box when exiting Akelpad and changes the behavior of pressing the ESC key;
Explorer.dll: Display Explorer panel;
Fonts.dll: Fonts can be loaded dynamically without having to be installed on the system;
Format.dll: Sort and arrange rows,Extracting unique rows,Extract or delete duplicate rows,Fix line Wrapping ...;
FullScreen.dll: Full screen toggle plug-in;
HexSel.dll: Mutual conversion of text and hexadecimal values (Contains ANSI and UNICODE);
HotKeys.dll: Custom Hotkeys;
LineBoard.dll: Display line numbers and support bookmark actions;
Log.dll: Monitor logs or capture real-time output;
Macros.dll: Record the user's keyboard actions and then repeat them;
MinimizeToTray.dll: 最小化程序到系统托盘
◎QSearch.dll: 提供一个“快速”文本搜索的小面板
◎RecentFiles.dll: 管理文件列表
◎SaveFile.dll: 可以设置自动保存的间隔时间等
◎Scripts.dll: 脚本插件基于 Windows 脚本宿主 (WSH) 引擎因此您可以使用各
种各样的 Windows 组件对象模型 (COM) 的对象,For example,您可以使用
RegExp 对象来执行正则表达式查找替换筛选文本行去除行头尾的
空字符使用 FileSystemObject 对象来操作文件,Create a shortcut,
使用 WshShell 对象来操作 Windows 注册表或使用 WshNetwork 对
象来运行网络功能,In addition,您可以创建和执行利用一个支持自动化的
外部应用程序 (如 Word 和 Excel) 脚本……不仅如此Scripts.dll
还为 AkelPad 而预置了一些常用的方法调用可以调用 WinAPI 函
法调用见 Scripts-Chs.txt),和实现更多功能……
◎Scroll.dll: 拆分窗格或MDI窗口的水平/垂直的同步滚动自动滚动操作
◎Sessions.dll: 保存和恢复程序 MDI 会话
◎SmartSel.dll: 选定文本时排除行尾标记Home 和 End 键的智能操作
◎Sounds.dll: 打字时发出声音
◎SpecialChar.dll: 显示和高亮特殊字符 (空格制表符换行符自动换行垂直
◎Speech.dll: 机器朗读选定的文本未翻译
◎Stats.dll: 统计显示文档的字符数单词数行数等
◎Templates.dll: 使用预设的模板来创建文档
◎ToolBar.dll: 工具栏插件可显示和自定义常用操作的工具栏
◎XBrackets.dll: 可以在键入左括号时自动键入右括号并把光标置中 (可能与一些中


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