Android Interactive PDF Reader EzPDF Reader Pro v2.7.0.5 Special Edition

ezPDF Reader is a PDF reader on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android interactive PDF reader ezPDF Reader Pro special edition has been updated to2.7.0.5

ezPDF Reader,Android PDF Reader,Highest ratings on Android,The most powerful PDF/EPUB reading god! It adapts to screen browsing,Support for multi-touch scaling,and page scrolling,Support for trackballs、Hyperlinks、Bookmarks and list browsing,Also open encrypted PDF files,There's an animation when you turn the page.,The speed is also very good.。Love Green Soft

ezPDF Reader Pro v2.6.9.10 汉化版本

Description of the app:

ezPDF Reader is the best-selling,Highest rating,Most reviewed multimedia and frame animation PDF viewer,Annotator,Table fillers and paperless solutions。
EzPDF Reader also supports Unidos' unique Interactive PDF file。

– Custom view and flip support DUAL PAGE VIEW!
– Support for scanning and text-based PDFs,Includes JPEG2000 and JBIG2 compression。
– Select text backflow,Suitable for text columns,Copy and paste text in PDF views and bookmarks,When you go。
– Fill out your PDF form,Sign and email。
– Add notes and additional images,Change color/thickness,Resize and move them,You like it.。
– Compatible with Adobe ® Acrobat ®。
– Support for form calculations
– Play multimedia files,Animated GIFs,Compressed PNG file embedded into PDF。
– Read your documents with a voice reading feature using the continuous automatic page-turn ingpage feature。 (TTS features from device settings)
– Useful tools for adding text to text boxes and sticky notes;Highlight,Underscore or delete lines;Draw many shapes。
– Support for hyperlinks (go to page in PDF,PDF to PDF,URL link to the web page)
– Open standard password-protected PDFs
– Support for ePub
– Ability to select text in PDF,Save to clipboard,Web search,Share with other applications,Check the dictionary (colorDd)
– Intuitive bookmarks and viewing bookmarks and their descriptions and ribbons and thumbnails
– Auto-turn (seconds) or auto-roll (previous screen full)
– Directory
– Thumbnail scrolling image
– Text view with backflow。Night/Day Mode,Change font size and color (text and background)
– Search (case sensitive),Full word or part,Exact words and/or operators) and highlighted results
– Auto-adjust zoom multi-column articles or delete white edges
– Crop/Rotate Page
– Jump to a specific page number
– Changing the direction of reading – Arabic,Chinese,Japanese and Hebrew
– Page-turning effect

Click on the option
-5Tap:Comment toolbar
-4Tap:Notification bar
-3Dot tap:PDF s text backflow
-2Click:Reduce the page to fit when zooming in
-1Dot tap:Menu


Update the log:

* Bug fixed
* Changed the way files are viewed (external documents)
* A DRM-protected file is saved under the “_DRM” folder when created
* Audio-deni sthes the audio permission


Version description:

Direct installation is ready for use


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