Android PDF Reader All Reader Pro v2.6.2 [Paid] Paid Unlock

All PDF Pro is one of the best PDF readers and tools,Support for merging PDF files、Split PDF files、Extract images, etc.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

All PDF Pro is one of the best PDF readers and tools。It has many features to make reading pdf interesting。

PDF reader or viewer
★ quickly open any PDF document in your device from all PDF file lists or lists of the latest files
★ day and night reading mode,Provide the best reading experience
★ preventthe screen from closing while reading
★ put the most important PDF documents on the list of star fills,so that you can easily find them later in pdf reader。
★ view PDF files in a list or grid view that displays a file thumbnail。
★ print PDF files directly from your phone。
★ remember the last page you opened
★ easily share PDF documents from this pdf reader
★ open PDF files from file manager or directly from other applications
★ scroll through document pages and zoom in and out。
★ favorite page and display PDF document catalog
★Pdf Reader for Android Free Download
★ Android's free pdf reader
★ support scan pdf from device
Merge PDF files
★ use this pdf reader application to merge or merge multiple PDF files into one file
★ use this pdf reader,You can organize files before they are damaged
Split PDF files
★ divide a single PDF into multiple pages。The application creates each page as a single file。
★ split all pages or split from a specified page or page range
PDF in pictures
★ create a PDF from an image。Photo to PDF
Extracting images
★ extract all images from PDF documents and save them in folders
Extract text
★ extract text from selected pages to txt files
Save as a picture
★ save all PDF pages as separate pictures。
★ share PDF files as a single image with all pages
Protect PDF files
★ prevent others from copying,Print and edit information in PDs
Organize the page
★ easily rearrange or arrange PDF pages with drag-and-drop page previews。
★ delete unwanted pages and save edited files
Do not protect PDF files
★ uncopy,Print and edit protection
Edit metadata
★ you can edit PDF metadata,For example, the title,Author,Creator,Publisher,Topics and keywords
PDF Converter
★ convert PDF files to images (jpg)
Compressing PDF files
★ reduce PDF file size and unnecessary data。


Update the log:

★ Arabic translation
★ Hebrew translation
★ Add Page numbers tool
★ Dark Theme
★ Hindi translation
★ Bug fixes


Version description:

All features can be used in a straight installation.


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