PDF Transform editing Apowerpdf 4.0.1 Green Chinese cracking edition

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Apowerpdf is a PDF conversion editing software for a Windows platform produced by Apowersoft。Now love Green soft ilvruan.com for everyone to bring Apowerpdf Green Chinese cracked version v4.0.1 。Apowerpdf can check it out for you、Convert and create PDF files,And can provide users with a series of PDF operation editing。Apowerpdf can easily edit charts/text、Add text、Watermarking、Pictures and PDF pages PDF management, etc.。


Application Instructions:

One-stop solution for PDF files

Quick Edit Features
ApowerPDF provides users with a friendly interface and a variety of PDF editing features。You can use it to easily edit text/charts、Add a picture、Text、Watermark and PDF page management, etc.。For both individual and enterprise users,A lot of benefits.。

Modify PDF Content
Use this PDF editing software,You can refactor text and chart content in PDFs;Text color、Size;Insert rectangular box links to quickly open files and Web pages,Or navigate directly to a page。

Split and Merge pages
Apowerpdf also provides you with PDF page management features。You can split a PDF file into multiple pages、Rearrange、Delete、Insert and Rotate pages。While,You can also customize page styles,If you modify/Add headers、Footer、Background, etc.。

Add text and pictures
For users who want to add content to a PDF file,The PDF Editor lets you insert text and pictures anywhere。

Add a watermark
If you want to create a personalized PDF file,The Add Watermark feature in this software,Enables you to easily add and remove text and picture watermarks。

Advanced editing options
Comments:Underline and high-light text、Insert notes and add callouts to PDF files。

Creating and viewing PDFs
Apowerpdf is a software that integrates the creation and reading of PDF functions。Use it,You can easily create different files into PDF files.,and a variety of modes make it easy for you to browse massive pages。
Best PDF Reader
It provides users with a variety of ways to display their pages:Single page Reading、Two-page Reading、Scroll page reading, etc.,So that you can according to your own needs,Easily read PDF text。

Create a PDF file
It can help you create PDF files and put Microsoft PowerPoint、Word、Convert files such as Excel to PDF files。
One-stop PDF conversion
Built-in conversion features for this PDF editing tool,It can help you convert PDFs to Word、Excel、Html、Text、PPT, etc.。Convert completed files to retain raw data、Styles & amp; layouts。


Update log:

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Instructions for use:

1、Installing Apowerpdf,After the installation is completeDo not run

2、Will be in the crack folder.Apowersoft.CommUtilities.dllCopy to Software installation directory。

3、Open Apowerpdf,Prompt for Login,After the WeChat scan code is logged in,Can crack。


Download Address:

City Pass:https://ilvruan.ctfile.com/fs/884953-330279909

Baidu: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1_RtPpcPLtZABlc5EI2ep_A Extraction Code: Wduz


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