Android Temporary Rights Management Bouncer v1.16.5 Paid Modification Crack

Bouncer is a tool on Android that can manage temporary rights for mobile phones,Now Love Green Soft for everyone to bring Android temporary rights management Bouncer paid modification crack version has been updated to v1.16.5

Bouncer enables you to temporarily grant permissions to your app,想要标记位置或拍照但不希望该应用能够随时使用相机或获取您的位置?Bouncer为您提供了这一点。After exiting the application,Bouncer会立即自动删除您的权限 @爱绿软

Application instructions:

Bouncer enables you to temporarily grant permissions。想要标记位置或拍照但不希望该应用能够随时使用相机或获取您的位置?保镖为您提供了这一点。After exiting the application,Bouncer automatically deletes your permissions immediately,so you can start doing what you do best again.,Without worrying about apps invading your privacy and wasting batteries。

Bouncer设计用于一次性权限而不是用于您只希望应用程序将它们置于前台的权限。Bodyguards can be used for two purposes,但当您全天使用应用程序时它们将在很多时候处于前台

Never worry about what the app does in the background

Due to different restrictions,Some devices use Bouncer better than others。诺基亚设备等某些设备可能会因为其激进的电池管理而阻止Bouncer运行

How does it work?
Bodyguards use accessibility services。它在您授予权限时激活并为您提供删除权限的选项。When you go home,Bouncer将打开应用程序的设置并极快地删除您的许可

Yes,Apps that can turn off permissions can also open。但是Bouncer没有请求权限除了设置应用程序之外,It can't view in-app information (so you can turn off permissions)。Bodyguards don't have Internet permission.,So even if it can get sensitive information (it can't),也无法将其传输到任何地方所有这些事实都很容易被任何人检查



Update the log:

Bug fixes for some devices


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