Smart Key Map Topaz Mask AI v1.0.1 Green Portable Special Edition

Topaz Mask AI is a smart keying software developed based on artificial intelligence AI on the Windows platform。Now Love Green Soft brings smart keying to everyone Topaz Mask AI Green Portable Special Edition has been updatedv1.0.1

Topaz Mask AI lets you quickly key drawings with AI and trimap technology,Topaz Mask AI doesn't require tedious steps to get high-quality keyimage images。Love Green Soft

Application instructions:

Mask it from start to finish in just a few minutes。
Manually creating and perfecting complex selections almost always takes longer than expected。Meet Topaz Mask AI。With our intuitive machine learning and trimap technology,Mask AI lets you create tricky masks in record time。

All the time,,Users invest less in extremely high-quality masks,It's always been a photographer's dream.,Now you can do this using Mask AI。

How we simplify masks
Compared to Photoshop,Mask AI doesn't require cumbersome brushes to get high-quality masks。No need to learn complex icons and tools。Using Mask AI,All you have to do is outline the object in blue.,One click to fill what you want to cut,One click to fill what you want to keep,Then press "Calculate Mask"。It's really that simple.。Our neural networks are trained.,Can distinguish the hard edge,So you get a great mask on your first attempt。

Masks make every type of photo simple
Mask AI combines machine learning technology,More accurate masks can be obtained without refining!

Mask AI's unique Trimap technology
Making beautiful pictures in Photoshop can be painful,and it could take up a whole day.。Mask AI's intuitive color coding system simplifies it into 4 easy steps:Save,Shear,Calculation and replacement。

How does this work?
Brush calculation。
Just draw a blue line around the edge you want to calculate。The best part is,You don't have to be perfect - just keep the theme and the area near you to cover。Our technology will do the heavy lifting.。

Select the red fill button to fill the area you want to delete,and fill all areas to keep it green。Select AI or Contrast mode to generate a mask! For masking trees,Hair,Fur or any image with a lot of detail,AI is the ideal model。This mode will be a little slower.。Contrast mode is a faster,Rougher mode,But it may perform better in images with small contrast differences between foreground and background。

Professional tips:Use the new Auto button,You can have Mask AI automatically detect your theme and create a Trimap for you as a quick start!

Brush refinement
Our Smart Brush ("Cut","Hold" and "Computing") leverage our technology,Allows you to clean and precisely retouch,without the need for perfect painting pressure。Our machines will make a decision for you.,And speed up your workflow!

Slide to perfection。
Use post-processing sliders to quickly perfect your mask。If you want to add sharpness to the rock landscape,,Or want to soften the edges of the portrait.,You can use the Edge Softness slider。

If you want to add sharpness to the rock landscape,,Or want to soften the edges of the portrait.,You can use the Edge Softness slider。
Edge Shift slider moves the edge of the mask in either direction。
The Foreground Recovery slider restores the foreground color in weaker or more transparent areas。It could be fur.,Ideal tool for beards or thinning hair。
Defringe slider unsaturated with mask edges,to help prevent color contamination and color penetration。

Replace the background to complete。
Being a great photographer requires many tips and tools for you to use。You have planned and executed the shooting with military precision。But,When nature brings you imperfect skies or annoying backgrounds,Mask AI's background replacement lets you regain control of your work。

Blurred Background,Or choose a new image or solid color for a new look。You can also adjust the background or foreground,or compositing images to create beautiful blends of photos。


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Green Portable Edition


Download address: Extract code:dh5z


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