Android Quick Gadget Sesame v3.6.3 [Final] Paid Unlock

Sesame is a universal search and shortcut gadget on the Android platform.。Sesame is a powerful universal search on Android。It integrates with your desktop,Learn from you,Sesame enables the creation of hundreds of personal shortcuts.。Use Sesame Universal Search.,Everything is 1 to 2 times to complete the search.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Sesame is a powerful universal search on Android.。It integrates with your desktop,Learn from you,and make hundreds of personal shortcuts.。Use Sesame Universal Search.,Everything is 1 or 2 clicks!


Learn from you.
Use Google Autoys to search for dozens of apps.
Add more than 100 shortcuts to your device.
Fully customizable.,Gorgeous search UI.
- Detect the wallpaper color and style itself.
Powerful tools.,Make your own shortcuts.
Quick search.,Designed for 1 or 2 clicks.。It matches the first letter of the word.。Type "S" "B" to "S potify.": B eatles" to the top.。Now that it has been learned from you.,Next time it's just "S" to do.
Spotify.,Youtube,Calendar,Map,Slack,Reddit,APIs integration for Telegram and others.
Use with all desktops.,And a special partnership with Nova and Hyperion Desktops.
We do not store or sell your data.
Unlimited free trial.。Only you decide it's worth it.,Just pay!

We believe it.……
Swipe.,Tap ping and wait for the screen to load slowly.
The raw data for building the most powerful generic search is there.,But no one pieced it together into a smooth experience.
The universal search UI resolves this issue.
Android is always an open system.
Respect for user data - long-term success.。Your data will remain on your device.。We don't store it.。We don't sell it.。 (See bug fix exceptions below)
We make money by making quality products.。Sesame is 100% voluntary.

A list of shortcuts.
Preloaded shortcuts.
WhatsApp conversations (but group conversations)
Set (19 useful)
Call with a single tap.,SMS or email.
Google Shortcuts (My Flight, etc.)
Yelp (42 common searches)
The app's quick search options (control this option in your preferences)

Android 7.1 app shortcuts.
Port back to 5.0 device.
Be careful.:If you have Nova Launcher.,We only have access to the Dynamics 7.1 shortcut.

Create your own shortcuts for hundreds of apps.

Support for widget/launcher shortcuts.

API integration.:
Reddit.:Your subreddits.。For all Reddit apps.。
- telegram.:your conversation.
Tasker.:All your tasks.。This allows you to build complex actions in Tasker.,And easily and quickly start them.。
- YouTube.:Subscription,Channel.,Watch later.
Spotify.:All the albums in your library.,Artists and playlists.
Slack.:Your team and channels.
The calendar.:Upcoming events.
The map.:Your place and saved map.

Access dozens of search engines!
As you type, you'll see search options and Google auto-suggestions.
Click on the icon to start the search.
For dozens of applications.,Such as the map.,Spotify,Netflix.,Evernote.,Chrome,DuckDuckGo, etc.
The most recent search will be saved as a 21-day shortcut.
You can control all of this in the Sesame settings.


Update the log:

Version 3.6.3 (2020-05-07, build 14999):
– fixes Spotify Quick functional searchity.
– Fixes bug with Contact Actions emails/phones.
– updates translations.


Version description:

The full version is unlocked.


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