Android weather weather WEATHER NOW v0.3.23 paid to go to advertising

WEATHER NOW is a weather forecasting app on Android,Now Love Green Soft for everyone to bring the Android weather forecast WEATHER NOW paid to the advertising version has been updated to v0.3.23

WEATHER NOW has stunning 3D images of Earth planets,WEATHER NOW gives you easy access to accurate global weather information。Love Green Soft

Application instructions:

The stunning 3D images of our Earth planets catch your attention,You may forget that the application has other useful features,Gives you easy access to accurate global weather information。

Key features of the application:
15-day forecast chart,Detailed daily weather conditions,Independent day and night temperature chart
48-hour forecast,More information
- Use the flag-draped city carousel to easily select different cities
- Chic 3D "home screen",Have a high-quality earth,Atmosphere,Real-time images of stars and the sun
Image of current temperature and weather conditions on the notification bar
With short-term and long-term forecasts,Weather widgets with different sizes and custom options
Database for more than 100,000 cities,Provide weather information,Quickly find and automatically detect locations
Weather radar (supplied by Wendy) and Rain Radar (supplied by Rain Viewer),Includes NOAA radar information。

The main features of the Weather Now app are the Home Screen and prediction pages。
On Home,You can get information about the selected location,examples are local and current weather conditions and detailed weather conditions,And, of course, the incredible beautiful three-dimensional earth images.,A realistic atmosphere,The sun and the stars。
You can turn it manually,Increase or decrease its size,Run a slow rotation animation or stop the animation。The application is installed in the base or base station,Run as a screen saver,Attract your friends and peers。

About weather data and forecasts
Weather forecast courtesy of Weatherbit。

Current weather data comes from thousands of professionally installed and maintained weather stations that are mainly installed at airports。
Weather Now now only shows current weather at stations that have reported local weather conditions in the past hour。Current weather data refreshes every 30 minutes;This is twice the frequency provided by most other weather providers。Unique 48-hour forecasts from more than 100,000 locations around the world provide coverage and details that cannot be found elsewhere。

Current weather information includes:
The possibility of precipitation
Dew points
- Comfortable temperature sits in reference to current weather conditions。
Ultraviolet Index/UV Index
Ozone index (weather bit provider only)
Space weather – Geomagnetic storm information
Weather description
Wind direction and force
Air quality

Detailed weather forecast information includes:
Weather description
Sunrise and sunset times,Day long
Air quality
Space weather – Geomagnetic storm information
The possibility of precipitation
Ultraviolet Index/UV Index
Ozone Index
Day and night temperature
Wind direction and force
-The comfort index for reference to current weather conditions


Update the log:

App stability and performance improved.
Minor bug fixes.


Version description:

Direct installation for use


Download address:


SVIP free

Members can download all resources for free。Open membership now


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