Android Signal Strength v24.0.2. [Premium] Paid Special Edition

Strength Signal is a signal detection tool on the Android platform.。Strength Signal provides a good understanding of cellular and WiFi signal strength,And find out which corners of your office or home have the best reception.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Do you live or work in a low-signal area?
Are you sure your Internet is connected?
Then this is your application.。With this application.,You have a good understanding of cellular and WiFi signal strength.,And find out which corners of your office or home have the best reception.。

This app gives you something.: –

General users.
Speed test.
WiFi scan.
Signal gauges.
Connection check.
There are 6 types of home screen signal widgets.,Includes signals.,Connection/delay.,Internet,Battery,Clock and storage.

Advanced users.
- Lurking.
Stop the service.,Low signal and roaming alerts.。
Signal recorder.
Web information.
The battery tower.
Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Device Signal Strength.

Other features
Day and night theme.,Dark and bright mode.

Pro Features (Inapp Purchase)
No ads
Advanced widgets (6 types)
The speed test increases the download size.

Dual cards have been standardized from Android Lollipop 5.1.。Many errors remain in the manufacturer's implementation.。If you see a dual SIM card-related error in the application.,Try the application after disabling dual SIM card processing in the application options.。Also try setting the call and data to the same SIM card in android SIM settings.。Consider sending an e-mail message describing the error that contains a workaround.。

Few phones do not fully follow signal reporting standards.。If the signal strength is not updated.,So this is a reliable sign of ROM corruption.。This is a known issue.,Not the app's problem.。


Update the log:

Bug fixes


Version description:

Advanced features unlocked,Direct installation is ready for use


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