Android Web Information Inquiry Network Cell Info v5.0.13 Cracked Edition

Network Cell Info is a cell network monitoring and measurement logging tool (4G) +,Lte,Cdma,Wcdma,GSM),It also provides WiFi information (beta)。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Network cell information is a cell network monitoring and measurement log tool (4G +,Lte,Cdma,Wcdma,GSM)。It also provides WiFi information (beta)。

Feature comparison:

Key features:
At Gauge / Monitorcellular and WiFi signals in almost real-time (1 second) in the Raw tab
Gsm,Cdma,UMTS (WCDMA),IWLAN,Lte,LTE plus support
Dual SIM card support
5/6 signal meter for SIM cards and WiFi
Signal diagram,Up to 6 cells
EARFCN,Carrier Frequency (Fc),Band number/name display (recorded only in PRO)
SIM-preference options,Options for options other than the Gauge tab
Mapping with network cellular information and signal gauges
Log,Measurement of cellular signals (can be saved/exported in the Map tab)
Instructions for the location of a cell (not a cell tower) in a map from the Mozilla Location Service (MLS),Not included。 CDMA (s)
Color routes based on signal strength (in map),And mark with location and signal information mapping
Background measurement
Measurement settings (minimum distance),Minimum accuracy,motion sensors, etc.)
Kml 2.2,MLS Geosubmit v.2,CLF v.3,OpenCellID CSV,Database export measurements in CMWF database types
Network information in the status bar
Sound notifications (on the system),Cell ID change)
The original view of the network cellular information
Connection Statistics (2G) / 2.5G / 3G / 3.5G / 4G / 4G -)
SIM and device information
Screen rotation
And more.…

PRO Feature Annual Subscription (Version 4 plus):
CMWF Pro DB:Record xARFCN,Fc,Band,RSRQ, etc.,
CMWF Pro N DB:Record neighbors
Original view of compact battery (1 line per unit)

Data accuracy depends on the device implementation of the Android API。Not all manufacturers/devices implement the full/correct Android API。
For Android <5.0,Due to Android/Device Limitations,Non-MEDIATek devices do not support dual SIM cards。
You can update the Mozilla MLS database in your area using the Mozilla Stumbler app。


Update the log:

Release 4.19.8

* Android libraries updated
* App optimization

* Manual v3 (for paid/pro):
* Features:
* FAQ:
* BETA app testing:
* Check out our Ad-Free Network Cell Info:
* Distributed only on Google Play


Version description:

No google play support required,Direct installation for use


Download the address:


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