Android Data Use Monitoring GlassWire Data Usage Monitor v3.0.345r [Premium] Paid direct version

GlassWire Data Usage Monitor is an app data usage monitoring tool on the Android platform.。GlassWire is Android's ultimate data use monitor! My GlassWire makes it easy to monitor your mobile data usage.,Data restrictions and WiFi network activity.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

GlassWire is Android's ultimate data use monitor! Our app makes it easy to monitor your mobile data usage.,Data restrictions and WiFi network activity.。
See which apps are slowing down your phone's Internet connection or wasting your mobile data.。

Key features
GlassWire's data alerts keep you from data restrictions.,and save on monthly phone charges.。Get alerts before you reach your carrier data limit.,to avoid overcharges.。
View a chart of applications that are currently using your mobile operator data or Wi-Fi connection.。
Every time a new app accesses the network and starts using Wi-Fi or mobile data.,know it in an instant.。
Swipe right to return time.,to see which apps use mobile data in a week or month.。View past Wi-Fi or mobile device usage by day or month.。
Go to GlassWire's Data Plan screen to set up a zero-rate application.,The data usage of these applications is not included in your data plan.。 GlassWire can also track roaming and transition times.。
View the GlassWire speedometer on the notification bar.,to quickly see real-time data usage.。
Help protect your privacy and display suspicious app activity through GlassWire's chart.。
Before the app starts with GlassWire's mobile firewall.,Prevent them from connecting to the network.,Or allow or reject a new connection.。Create multiple firewall profiles.,One for mobile devices.,One for WiFi.。
Do you have unlimited plans? Unfortunately.,Once you have used a certain amount of data.,Most "infinite" plans limit your speed (limit connection speed)。When you start to be restricted.,GlassWire will remind you.。

Protect your privacy - 20 million users are protected!
Our company is located in Austin, Texas, USA.,Dedicated to helping people protect their privacy and security.。Our total number of downloads of Windows and Android software has exceeded 20 million! We make money by selling software rather than selling your data to third parties.。Use GlassWire.,Your data and app usage information never leaves your phone.。 GlassWire will never show you ads or violate your privacy.。


Update the log:

GlassWire automatically switches to dark mode. (FREE.) if your phone supports it.. If you don't like that you change it in routeds..
The graph auto-updates to the latest date..
Bug fixes and resources use s..
Enjoy GlassWire.? Please consider review us.. We appreciate your support.


Version description:

1、Advanced features unlocked

2、Compatible with AOSP

3、Direct installation for use


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