Android bookkeeping software AndroMoney Pro v3b.12.7 [Paid] Paid Unlock

AndroMoney is a bookkeeping software on the Android platform.。Now love Green Soft for everyone to bring the Android billing software AndroMoney Pro.[Paid] Paid Unlock has been updated to v3b.12.7.

AndroMoney is a personal finance tool on Android.,Hope through this tool.,Can manage an individual's wealth well.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

[The best bookkeeping on Android.,Financial software!(Support for iOS and Android.)]
AndroMoney is a personal finance service tool on mobile phones.,Hope through this tool.,Can manage an individual's wealth well.。

The development direction of our software is to show direction.:
1.Easy to use,It's very intuitive to operate.
2.Powerful,Whether it's a simple accounting.,Or you want to manage different accounts.、Category.,Even charted.,It can also be done easily.。

The current functions of the software are as follows.:
You can output your computer's file.:Excel, numbers. …
Account management is possible.
You can enter different currencies and update the exchange rate from the network.
Synchronize with other devices.
You can draw a chart.,Round cake.(Cost distribution.),Trend chart.(Spending trends.)
You can take pictures of what you're spending on.
Support Dropbox backup. , Google docs send cSV.
It can be booked on a daily basis.
In the future, we will add other features one after another.,Make it more complete.


Update the log:

1.Add an entry limit on the shared server.。


Version description:

All features can be used in a straight installation.


Download the address:

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