Android Video Wallpaper SuperWall Video Wallpaper v12.0.0 build 311 [Paid] Paid direct version

SuperWall Video Wallpaper is a super video wallpaper app on Android。Now Love Green Soft for Everyone to Bring Android Video Wallpaper SuperWall Video Wallpaper [Paid] Paid Direct Has been updated. v12.0.0 build 311

SuperWall is the only video solution for your video live wallpaper needs。Zoom ingas with video,You can use any widescreen video,and zoom correctly on your phone。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

This is SuperWall Video Live Wallpaper。Live wallpapers you never need。

SuperWall is the only video solution to meet your video live wallpaper needs。Zoom ingas with video,You can use any widescreen video,and zoom correctly on your phone。Whether or not the initiator supports rotation,The video scales according to the orientation of the device (when auto-rotation is enabled)。

Use your own video (holiday),Children,Wedding.,Special events,Motion cameras,Music videos.,movie or "anything" downloaded from the Internet)。 SuperWall plays it as your Android wallpaper,and fully support spun and appropriate video scaling。

What's new with V12.0,This option allows you to play video wallpapers continuously in the background when you open other apps。Some users have requested this request,So right here.。If you keep this feature on,will run out of battery power。Use at its own risk。Tips,If you enable sound,You'll know if the wallpaper is playing。

What's new about V9.0…Screen saver! Right now,SuperWall can be used as your screen saver。It also means Android TV owners can join them!

Filters。Filters。Filters。With the arrival of V7.0,You can add filters to wallpaper,to make it more distinctive.。Add a blur effect to a bokeh effect,Or make the video black and white。Or are they the same?

Right now,Rotation allows you to use portrait (vertical) video with SuperWall。

Smooth 4K video playback (assuming your device can handle it)。Support for MKV video。

————————————————– —
Current features:
-Screen saver (experimental):When the device is docked or charged,The current video will be played。Enable this feature in your device's display settings。Works only on Android 8.0 plus devices。It can be used on Android TV!
-Fast Forward/Rewind:Two-point right swipe to fast-forward your video by 10%。Swipe left with two fingers to reverse video by 10%。
-Auto-rotation:Wallpaper scales and rotates according to the orientation of the device。No longer rely on Launcher for rotation。
-Time out:Swipe down two points to pause。Swipe up two points to recover。
-Filter.:Add filters.。Fuzzy。Sepia。Black and white bloom。Small illustration。Or all or。
-Random video:Enable this feature in settings,Then play a random video。Double-click the screen with two fingers to play the next random video。
-Rotating:Rotating Portrait/Vertical Video,so you can use them in the right direction。
-Audio:Audio can be enabled for wallpaper。You can turn it off in settings,Or hold your finger on the home screen for 0.5 seconds to mute/unmute the audio。Volume control。
-Scaling:Zoom in the video to the desired size。This feature effectively replaces the crop function。
-Next video:Two fingers tap your home screen,to advance to the next video in the playlist。
-Offset:Portrait wallpaper can be offset from center to left or right (default)。Zoom by Width is not selected,This feature is only valid。
-Playlists:Select multiple wallpaper sets,SuperWall links them together and plays them in sequence,Loop the last video back to the first。
-Color:Add color (filter) to the background。This will work well for your video。Why doesn't it match your case color? Coloring also helps mask some of the flaws in lower-quality videos。
-Video Zoom:Any video scales to device size。Landscape widescreen video will be scaled up。


Update the log:

Update all libraries to the latest versions.

Fixed some stability issues. Video will replay from the current position if the app crashes.

Play in Background feature enabled, as requested by some users. Experimental, use at own risk.

Streamlined settings menus.

Readded widget.

New feature to add all videos from a selected folder on device.

Fixed some issues with scaling and rotation.


Version description:

Direct installation for use


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