Android Fish Pond Live Wallpaper Fish Pond v1.65 [Unlocked]Paid Unlock

Fish Pond是安卓平台上一款动态壁纸现爱绿软为大家带来的安卓 鱼池动态壁纸 Fish Pond [Unlocked]Paid Unlock has been updated tov1.65.

Fish Pond A magical 3D live wallpaper,可将你的设备屏幕瞬间转变为一个精美绝伦效果逼真的水景池塘! 池塘中居住着灵性十足的水生物!@爱绿软

Description of the app:

一款神奇的 3D 动态壁纸可将你的设备屏幕瞬间转变为一个精美绝伦效果逼真的水景池塘! 池塘中居住着灵性十足的水生物!


✔ 高清的图像素材在任何规格的设备上均能保持高品质的视觉效果无论是在小尺寸屏幕譬如手机, 还是大尺寸屏幕譬如电视上
✔ 顶级的水波特效实现但不以耗损额外电力为代价。To this end,,我们打造了一款专为水模拟设计的高效引擎!
✔ 锦鲤鱼基于真实 3D 模型构建这是创造栩栩如生的动画和精妙动作的坚实基础


Update the log:

✔ this version targets Android 9 to meet Google Play’s target API level requirement
✔ improve the consistency of settings UI behaviors across different versions of Android OS


Version description:

1、Paid feature unlocked

2、Working offline


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