Android LED Flash notification LED Blinker S Pro v8.0.4-pro build 428 [Paid] Paid Unlock

LED Blinker Notifications是安卓平台上一款消息来电闪烁通知工具。LED Blinker Notifications Pro shows your out-of-call,Sms,Facebook和WhatsApp消息如果没有硬件指示灯则使用屏幕。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

让LED Blinker Notifications Pro显示您的未接来电,Sms,Facebook和WhatsApp消息如果没有硬件指示灯则使用屏幕



✔与最新的Android Kitkat / Lollipop /棉花糖/牛轧糖/ Oreo / Pie / Android 10兼容
✔为WhatsApp,Missed calls,Telegraph,信号联系特定颜色
✔导出/导入设置(安装新的ROMS / mod时不会丢失设置)

✔Google Mail /语音/环聊
✔TwitterThreema(现在具有组支持),Facebook Messenger, etc.。


Update the log:

✔ several fixes
✔ NEW: random position for user defined led, see ‘Configure user defined LED position/size
✔ NEW: Additional info (time, date., battery) is now in center representation possible
✔ FIX: Wifi/Wifi lost notification!
✔ New setting to configure position, size and color for time, date and battery status
✔ New setting to disable the app when low battery


Version description:

Direct installation is ready for use


Download the address:



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