Android App Backup Buggy Backup Pro v20.5.5 [Paid] Paid Unlock

Buggy Backup is an app backup tool on android,Buggy Backup is a fully functional application manager,Supports backup/restore and sharing of any system/user application。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

A full-featured application manager。

Advanced backup/restore/share capabilities。
Back up/restore and share any system/user application (installer and application data (external/complete))。

Advanced automatic backup system for installers and application data。

All features can also be used as batch operations。
-Installation/uninstall (ROOT required)
-Bulk backup (no ROOT required)
-Bulk restore (ROOT required)
– And more.…

Back up your apps anytime, anywhere。
-USB Drive (OTG)
– Internal memory
-Removable SD card
-Any cloud storage:

Use any shared application/backup you want。
– Bluetooth
-Wireless direct connection
-Any app that supports file sharing:

Portable (single file) backup (installer/application data)。

View detailed app/backup information,and access advanced options for any app。
– Package name
-Broadcast receiver
-Permissions and their status
-Version name and version code
– Service
-Compatible operating system range
-Full date and time of installation/backup
– There's a lot…

Built-in backup importer。

Application and system-generated garbage cleaners。
-Application Cache Cleaner
-System Cache Cleaner (ROOT required)
-Body cleaner
– And more.…

Application conversion (system-to-user),And vice versa)。
Built-in application locking system,Increased security。
Reset individual app settings。
Disable/enable the app。
Application-specific private data and cache cleaners。
Interactive search。
You can search interactively for apps and backups with highlighted characters in one place!
A large number of controls and custom settings。
Separate private tabs for each app/back-up。
This makes it easy for you to find everything!
Four beautiful material design themes。
and many other unique and interesting features。


Update the log:

– Bug fixes.


Version description:

1、No need to modify LP or Google Play Store

2、Remove the extra menu s promo Apps

3、Disable pop-up ratings when exiting

4、Offline mode

5、Disable/remove unwanted permissions plus recipients and services


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