Android App ManageMy APK v2.4.2 Go Ad Edition

My APK is an app management tool on android platforms。Now love green soft for everyone to bring The Android app management My APK go ad version has been updated to2.4.2

My APK supports taking apk and saving files backed up to SD card。This useful APK tool can help you through Bluetooth,Email or social networking apps make it easy to share apks with friends。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

My APK will extract apk and save files backed up to the SD card。This useful APK tool can help you through Bluetooth,Email or social networking apps make it easy to share apks with friends

My APK feature
My APK can be used as an app administrator
– Search for similar apps in the Play Store
– Browse the app's internal and external data folders (for some file browsers):esfile explorer, etc.)
– Extract application icons for your own purposes
– List all your apps
– Easy access to linked games on the Play Store (supporting multiple apps) apk
– Create a shortcut for the app (depending on your launcher,Behaviormay be different)
– Uninstall the app
– Extract application (supportbatch and compress to zip file before saving) to apk。Even many heavy-duty applications and games,It's super fast, too.
– Easily save apk to an SD card using the built-in file browser (if needed),You can create a new folder here)
– Check third-party application information at a very detailed level。It lists all the activities used in the application,Service,apk permission,Signature,Minimum sdk version, etc.
– Via Bluetooth,Social network sharing app
– Filter applications by application type:System (pre-installed) or user (third-party application)
– By Name,Package name,Date of installation and update,Application size (ascending or descending) sorts applications
– Quickly search the app by entering a name or package name

My APK can be used as an APK administrator
– Extract apk details (apk name) before installation,apk version,apk information, etc.)
– Verify apk by checking its md5,To ensure that your apk copy is secure
– Easy installation of apk
– List all apks on the SD card
– Filter/arrange apk by date (today),Yesterday,In the last 7 days,Last 14 days and last 30 days) (APK Manager)
– Share apk files or just publish store links
– Compare apk with apps,so you have a chance to learn about changes in the update/old version
– Ability to select APK scan folders to optimize the scanning process
– Bulk apk file renamer (with advanced options)
– By Name,Folder,apk size,Modify date (ascending or descending) to sort apk。No more third-party file browsers to find your apk
– Search for apk by name or package name
– Large number of apk files deleted

My APK can be used as a simple security scanning tool to detect apps/apps with ad-sensitive permissions。This feature is called Advanced Search。

General characteristics:
– Material design:Parallax effect when scrolling through app details,For a better user experience
– Topic support,6Kind of built-in primary color

This version does not require root permissions
APK (not aok) means Android bag。


Update the log:

-Bug fixes


Version description:

1、Ads deleted

2、All ads from the event have been removed Sponsored banner layout deleted

3、All ad banner ads in tablet mode have been deleted from the list of apps to remove the holder's ads

4、Analysis deactivated


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