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App Backup. & Share Pro is an app backup management tool on the Android platform.,Now Love Green Soft brings you Android App Backup Management App Backup. & Share Pro Paid Unlock has been updated.v15.2.0.

App Backup. & Share Pro application management/backup/restore/share all the features you need in the software.,Powerful and reliable performance.,App Backup. & Share Pro supports the backup and sharing of any system/internal/SD card application.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

All the features you need in the application management/backup/restore/share software.,Powerful and reliable performance.,You can't compromise.。

There are many reasons why it is more popular than other similar applications.!!!!

Back up and share any system/internal/SD card application (APK and/or application data)
Share any application (APK and/or application data) (even system application) – Use whatever you want. – Bluetooth,Shareit.,Wifi Direct.,Nfc,IR or any app that supports file sharing (Facebook Messenger.),WhatsApp and anything you can imagine)
Portable application data backup (single file),Recovery on any supported device (usually other applications generate multiple files for each application). – It's a lot of trouble.)
Back up your application (APK and/or application data) whatever you want. – Internal storage/removable SD card/USB drive (OTG)/any cloud storage you want.。

On-premises and cloud backup options.。Cloud backup support.:
– Google Drive
– Dropbox
– One drive.
– And all the others (this available 'share' option)

Fully automated backup options (Selected Ones). / All / None)。It is even suitable for uninstalled applications.。
Displays all important information about each application.,And access each application setting in one place in just a few clicks.,Whether it is a system/internal/SD card application.。
Backup (on-premises) and sharing features provide backup/sharing of application files.,It has the same name as the phone launcher.。So,You do not have to enforce cloud backups/shares like other applications before renaming each file.[Most applications can only back up (cloud) and share a .apk file named base.apk.]
Use the icon to show where each app is installed.,This is useful when searching for apps.
Clean and beautiful look.,4Crazy beauty themes (including darkness)
Search all applications in one place (system/internal/SD card application)。In addition,,Search for all available backups.。
You can uninstall the application directly without going into the application settings (some applications may not be uninstalled).,Especially system applications)
Each line of application list contains useful information.,Such as the package name.,Version.,Full date and installation time.,The most important thing is,The range of compatible Android versions associated with each application.,So that you know in advance that the application you want to share can be installed on the target device.。
A useful indicator.,Used to display available backups (and conditions) on the device (in SD card/internal storage),This way you don't have to remember which application has been backed up.,Which one is not.
Easily update and rate any apps available on Google Play.。
The dedicated file browser sets the local backup location.。So,You don't need to type folder paths as explicitly as other apps force you.,Just browse and select the folder you want.
A dedicated tab for system/internal/SD card/archive application/backup.。
Quick response.。No ads.……Promise! What is it saying. – That's all.。
There's a lot more. – There's more!

Available languages:
– English
– Russia (Sergey Surov)
– Czech (Mirus)
– Spanish (SrRattlerCC)
– Chinese Simplified (Zhao Shuai)
– German (Olaf Nagel)
– Italian (Massimo gattomorbido)
– Polish (Chris)
– Ukrainian (МиколаТимощук)
– Slovakia (?indel Bra?o)
– Turkish (YASİNÜNLÜ)
– French (Maxime)
– Portuguese (Fr?d?ric W.。)


Update the log:

– Major bug fixes.
– Added version code/number in main app list. & App info dialog.
– Added version code/number in backup names
– Now search with package name, file name or app name
– Possible bug fixes related to auto backup
– Removed some unnecessary features (Cache clear countdown)
– Performance & reliability improvements
– Minor UI fixes
– Android 10 support is on its way!

We need your support to keep the app running.
Just share it with your friends if you want to help.


Version description:

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