Android Device Toolbox Franco Kernel Manager v6.0.1 Cracking Edition

Franco Kernel Manager.,It is the complete toolbox for all devices with the rich feature set.,Designed to be easy to use to increase kernel load! Love green soft.

Description of the app:

Franco Kernel Manager.,It is the complete toolbox for all devices with the rich feature set.,Designed to be easy to use to increase kernel load! From under-knowledged users to the most skilled users.,It combines your management.,Everything you need to adjust and authorize your device.。

Do you want higher performance? Check the ✅.
Do you want to extend your battery life? Check the ✅.
Do you want to refresh mods without using custom recovery? Select the ✅.

Compared to other applications.,Franco Kernel Manager provides a significantly better experience with features tailored to you.。

⭐️ the kernel can be backed up and restored instantly with the touch of a button.;
⭐️ detailed battery statistics.,It contains each component (WiFi.,Screen,Signal,idle, etc.) and more information about power consumption.;
⭐️ the theme of compatibility with Android ™10.;
⭐️ Build.prop editor.;
⭐️ backup and restore application settings.;
⭐️ automatically refresh the kernel.,As well as basically all the refreshable zips.,You don't need to access a custom recovery.;
⭐️ THE CPU temperature in the notification bar can be used to export CPU temperature devices.;
⭐️ display color temperature presets and support for KLapse.;
⭐️ support Adreno Idler.,GPU Boost.,Adreno.,Exynos and Kirin GPUs.;
⭐️ high-brightness mode (hbm) is available for supported devices such as .,Pixels 3 and 4),And based on the environment light sensor automatic switching.;
⭐️ system health.,Has a nice UI.,Useful real-time CPU. / Gpu. / Ram / ZRAM. / DDR BUS. / IO/hot zone/wakelock usage and comprehensive CPU frequency usage.,And supports clustered devices.;
⭐️ comprehensive display and sound control.。Adjust the RGB.,Saturation,Hue.,Contrast,Create profiles in an easy-to-use interface.;
⭐️ developer's kernel logger viewer.;
⭐️ deep integration with FrancoKernel.;
⭐️ custom kernel settings.,For example:IO scheduler.,IO scheduler adjustment.,Wake the lock.,Lowfreemorykiller minfree.,Ksm,ZRAM.,The contents of the memory.,Entropy.,Flar2 wake-up gesture.,The scheduler.,You can also add your own custom adjustable parameters.;
⭐️ create by application profile.,Use different settings for the most commonly used applications.。For example,You may want to use the maximum CPU frequency during the game.,But you want to use a low frequency when reading e-books.。You can also choose whether to turn Wi-Fi on/off.,If you want to switch Android Battery Saver.,Specify the type of location pattern to use for that particular app.,Wait a minute。
⭐️ automatic night shift enhances your display in orange/red at night.,Keep your eyes relaxed at night.;
⭐️ CPU frequency.,Regulator.,Support for multi-clusters.,GPU frequency.,Tone.,CPU acceleration.,CPU input acceleration.,Regulator profile.,Regulator adjustable parameters, etc.;
⭐️ powerful power-saving skills.,It's as simple as touching a button.;
⭐️ built into FrancoKernel's performance profile (energy savings).,Balance and performance),You can select with a single click.,No need to mess up the settings.。It also has a home screen widget.,You can easily change your profile without changing your application.,Launcher shortcuts,Fast tiling and automation support.;
⭐️ Script Manager allows you to create your own shell script in your application and pin it to Quick Tiles.;
⭐️ battery monitor notifications.,It contains information about your power consumption during active and idle periods.,Estimated charging time.,Details of charging current/watt, etc.;


Update the log:

* Added 4 new custom wallpapers to. “2020 supports.”
* Bunch of bug fixes.


Version description:

There is no need to modify LP or Google Play.


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