Android Shopping List Out of Milk v8.12.3-923 [Pro] Paid Professional Special Edition

Out of Milk您的购物清单随身携带,Take it with you,一旦您准备去购物您就可以随身携带。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Shopping list,餐具清单和待办事项列表使用小巧直观且易于使用的应用使用Out of Milk您的购物清单随身携带,Take it with you,一旦您准备去购物您就可以随身携带食品室清单可让您跟踪您的食品室(香料必需品等)以便您随时了解自己的家居用品待办事项列表可帮助您跟踪每日列表中的任何其他项目



“Out of Milk应用程序很简单提供三个主要列表功能:Shopping,餐具和待办事项。"







Update the log:

Hey Out of Milkers,

We’ve fixed a minor issue with the password reset function that wasn’t working properly for some users. We’ve now migrated it to our new (and more secure!) app infrastructure. As always, we are delighted to have your feedback, so feel free to email us at [email protected].


Version description:

Straight-packed crack version


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