Android To-Do List v5.0.0.11 Paid Pro Special is a list of entertainment items on the Android platform.。 provides calendars and reminders that are a must-have app on every Android device.,More than 20 million people believe can control their lives and get things done.。Pass a to-do list in one application.,Calendar,Reminders and daily plans.,You can accomplish more tasks.。Love Green Soft

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To complete the list.,'s calendars and reminders are just a must-have app on every Android device (NYTimes).,USA Today.,WSJ-Lifehacker)

More than 20 million people believe can control their lives and get things done.。Pass a to-do list in one application.,Calendar,Reminders and daily plans.,You can accomplish more tasks.。

The first list - to-do list.
SYNCS seamlessly connects your phone.,Desktop.,Web and tablets.。Keep all your work lists.,Task,Remind,Calendars and schedules are always in sync.,So you'll never forget one thing.
Get reminders at a scheduled time.,When you reach a specific location or set repeated reminders.,so you don't miss anything.
Work with shared lists and assignment tasks.,And work with anyone to do more.。
HOMESCREEN WIDGET has simple and powerful features.,You can work with list and calendar events anytime, anywhere.

Combine a simple yet powerful calendar look.
Easily view your activities and to-do lists and tasks.,View the day.,Weeks and months.
Seamless real-time calendar with your phone.,Google Calendar.,Facebook event.,Outlook calendar or any other calendar.,So you won't forget an important event.
Follow tasks and action items after the meeting.,Although it is still fresh.

All applications used to do all the work.
Create reminders for ease.,We added voice input.,so you can say what you think.,and add it to your to-do list.。To better complete the task management process.,We've added calendar integration to keep your schedule up-to-date to increase your productivity.,We are a reminder of the times.,Location alert.,Subtasks.,Notes and file attachments add cross-platform support.。Keep your to-do list up to date.,We've added a unique day-to-day planning tool.。

Make a list.,Calendars and reminders are simple. is designed to make lists and calendars easy to complete anytime, anywhere.,No hassle.。Thanks to intuitive drag tasks.,Sliding marker to-do complete.,And shake your device to remove complete from your to-do list. – You can keep your self organized and enjoy every minute.。

Powerful task list management.
Looking for more? Add to-do list items directly from your email inbox by forwarding [email protected]。Will the computer.,Files in Dropbox or Google Drive are attached to your task.。Print,Export and share your grocery and daily errand lists.。Thanks to our unique missed call alert feature.,Never forget to call back to a friend.,Family or co-workers.

Life Organizers - Daily Planners. is a to-do list.,Calendar,Inbox.,Notepad,Listing,Task list,A forum for posting their notes or notes.,Project management tools.,Remind the application.,Day-to-day planners.,Family organizer.,On the whole.,You'll have the simplest.,The most useful productivity tool.。The best part is – It's basically free to use!

Share lists and assign tasks.
Planning and organizing projects has never been easier.。Right now,You can share lists between family members.,Assign tasks to each other.,Chat and so on.。 will help you stay in sync with the people around you.,and get reminders.,So you can focus on what really matters.,Know you have a productive day.,You span many of your task lists.

Grocery and shopping lists. task list is also suitable for grocery shopping.。On your to-do list.,You can share a convenient shopping list option with others.。Forgot to buy a convenience sticker? Want a reminder? Just create a list on,Share with loved ones.,and see them add shopping items in real time.。You won't believe how you used to shop or make a shopping list.

Grab your thoughts.
With built-in speech recognition software.,You can enter less.,And do more.。Powerful automatic advice via,It's easier to quickly write down your thoughts.,It predicts and records your ideas.,and add them to your to-do list.,Subtaskors or calendars.


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Create tasks and reminders with natural language.
- Improved security and enhanced performance.
- Improved sita.


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Advanced features unlocked


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