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Forrest is one of the phones that helps you stay off the top of your hand,Apps focused on your current work and learning。Forrest is a simple and fun way to help you get rid of your phone addiction.、Stay focused and develop productive lifestylehabits.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

★ A simple and fun way to help you get rid of your cell phone addiction.、Stay focused and develop productive habits ★.
★ won the Pea Pod Design Award for Google Play. 2015-2016 App of the Year" 2018 Best Social Impact App Nominations 2018 " 2018 Editor's Pick of Best Productivity Tools" ★.
★ more than four million paying users! ★.
★ our users have grown more together around the world. 700,000 A real tree ★.

In Canada.、Mexico.、France、Russia.、Brazil.、Japan、Korea.、India and Thailand. 9 Countries won. 2018 Google Play's Best Self-Promoting App!

Thanks for the media coverage.
"If your goal is to put your phone down.、Live in the present.,Take advantage of each time spent with family and friends.,Forrest is your best choice! The New York Times.
"If you decide to put the phone down.,No more cell phone slaves.,The Forest, which has been dedicated to the low-headed people for many years, is sure to help you.,Build a forest of your own.。" - AppSo (Love Fan)

Forrest is one of the phones that helps you stay off the top of your hand,Apps focused on your current work and learning。。

If you want to get rid of cell phone addiction.,Treatment of procrastination.,Improve time efficiency.,Establish regular living habits.,Whether you're reading in the library or working in an office.,Whenever you want to have a period of time to concentrate on your work or study.,Stay away from interference from your phone.,You can plant a seed in Forest.。In the next time.,The seed will slowly grow into a big tree.。

If you can't resist temptation.,Leave the app during this time to brush your circle of friends.、Chasing and playing games.,You are full of life.、The lovely little tree will wither and die.。Every day.,You'll have a forest full of all the big trees and withered branches of all your strengths today.,Each tree represents the time you have worked hard for.。The small tree that grows with the picture.,A sense of accomplishment and sense of responsibility will help you get out of your phone for the time being.,Put your heart and soul into the work at hand.,Build an efficient and attentive lifestyle.。

Stay focused,Refuse to be a bow-head!

Keep your focus on it.
Self-motivation.,Get rid of cell phone addiction.,Reach your daily goals.
Stop procrastination.,Stay productive at all times.
Use your time to focus.,Little by little to thriving your forest.
Plant beautiful little trees.,and focus on the more important things in life.
Accumulate Forrest coins with focused time.,Unlock more than. 30 Plant a large, well-designed tree.、Shrubs and background white noise.

A historical review.
Review your dedicated journey in Forrest in the form of a timeline.
Review your week.、A month or even a whole year of accumulation of large forests.

Unlock the Pro Edition for more features.
- With your family.、Friends together.,Start a tree-planting challenge.
Share your results with friends and compete with users around the world.
Track the number and frequency of your daily phone usage.,So you don't get kidnapped by your cell phone anymore.
Custom task labels.,Lets you spend time on each task at a glance.,Helps you manage your own time.
Self-order your whitelist.,Using the use of whitelist applications when planting trees does not cause saplings to wither.
Keep your attention while you're focused.,And ?Trees for the future. ?Together plant real saplings for the world.
Get additional rewards for achieving achievements.,Plant more colorful forests.

Start staying focused now.,Develop an efficient and productive lifestyle!

Forrest is a common app for Android phones and tablets.,Unlock it once to use Pro on different Android devices.。However, to download versions of other non-Android platforms, additional purchases are required.,However, just log in to the same Forrest account.,Your account details can be synced across devices on different platforms.。
Planting true trees is limited by budget.,You can only redeem a maximum of five real trees per account.。Besides,We often have limited-time activities to plant more real trees.,Remember to follow our social platform message.,Or an app internal notification.。
In response to the Child Personal Information Network Protection Regulations,Not yet. 14 Children of age will not be able to register for a Forrest account.。If you have any questions.,Please contact us via the software's internal feedback system.。


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