Android QR Code Scanner & Barcode scanner QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner v2.0.14 vip Special Edition

QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner is an easy-to-use QR code scanner.,The best QR code reader/barcode scanner on Android devices.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

It's best to support QR code readers/barcode scanners on Android devices.。Only mobile phones that use the photo-enabled feature.,You can quickly read the information behind the barcode/QR code in seconds.。In addition,,You can also get coupons or participate in promotions by scanning QR codes anywhere.。

QR code is designed with camera permission.。If you care about security.,Then this code scan application is only right for you.。

?Easy-to-use QR code scanner.

Scan various QR codes and barcodes in one step.:Open the application.,Then move the camera to the location where you want to scan the QR code/barcode.。When scanning the QR code.,If it contains a URL.,You can turn it on.,The method is to press the browser button to browse the site.。If the code contains only text.,You can see it immediately.。

This is not just a QR code scanner.,It also gives you a lot of interesting features.,For example, save a scan history.,so you can view it at any time.。This code scanner application can not only help you scan the QR code.,You can also scan other types of code.。In addition,,Scan results can be easily shared at the touch of a button.。

The functionality of the QR code reader.
✔️ you can share results with friends after scanning on social networking sites.。
✔️ save your QR code scan history.

✔️ scan all QR codes and barcodes at powerful decoding speeds.:The only thing you need to do is move the camera to focus on QRcode. / The Barcode object.。
✔️ you can scan QR codes or barcodes from the image library.
✔️ support the use of flashlights to scan QR codes in the dark.
✔️ barcode scanner application scans and reads a variety of QR codes.,Including:Text,联系人,Email,Products.,Sms,Url,Wifi.,…

QR Code readers are compatible with Android 4.4 and later.。


Update the log:

– Optimize code scanning performance.
– Fix bug.


Version description:

VIP function unlocked


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