Android Xperia Digital Clock Tool Digital Clock Widget Xperia v6.0.2.405. [Premium] Paid Professional Premium

Digital Clock Widget Xperia is a simple yet highly customizable number for the Clock Widget to give you a look and feel like a Sony Xperia ™.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

A simple yet highly customizable number gives the Clock Widget a look and feel as you look and feel like the Sony Xperia ™.。
– Available in small (2.×1)、Large (4.×2mode.,And can further customize the size.,And. 7 Digital clock widget for font selection.
– Adjust the font size of the time and date.、Color,And select your preferred date and time display format.
– What's new?:You can click on the interface to display short weather information and weather forecasts.
– What's new?:You can define the transparency and color of the back version yourself.
– Start your alarm and calendar app with a tap on the interface.;You can start different apps for your own click time and date area.
– Widgets that can be added to lock desktop displays (Android required). 4.2 The above version.,Some devices may not be supported)
– Pay us dollar upgrade "Advanced Edition" to unlock the following features.:
– Custom (user-installed) fonts with an additional nine fonts.
– Automatic weather positioning.
– Show battery information.
– You can manually adjust the back version transparency.
– Remove ads

Attention:Set the shortcut for the window to the desktop.,Widgets are not automatically added to your desktop! If you don't know how to add a widget to your desktop.,Please use the "Instructions" function in the settings window.。

Attention:The permission permission you request is to provide the following features.:
– Download the weather forecast.、Current weather information.
– For the correct display of weather forecasts.,Need to detect current location (advanced version of exclusive features)
– 允许使用者自订字体(进阶版专属功能)
– 允许 App 内付费购买「进阶版」


Update the log:

– Android 8+: By default TextClock is now used for displaying time and date for all built-in fonts – the widget will always show correct time, even when the app is killed by a task manager or the OS
– Note: Launchers such as Go Launcher, CM Launcher and possibly others do not support TextClock and show no time & date in the widget. We recommend moving to a modern launcher, Nova Launcher for example
– Otherwise (not recommended) go to: General > Widget displaying method and choose Old


Version description:

Advanced features unlocked


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