Android Documents Scan Scanner Pro v1.0.4 Straight Edition.

Scanner Pro is the best application for scanning and saving digital versions of paper documents.。 The Scanner Pro can scan any paper.,From receipts to multi-page documents.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Scanner Pro is the best application for scanning and saving digital versions of paper documents.。 The Scanner Pro can scan any paper.,From receipts to multi-page documents.。

Scanner Pro automatically detects boundaries.,Correct deformations and geometry.。 Scanner Pro share.,Send an email and upload your perfect scan results.。Use OCR to convert any scan to text.。

Our Scanner Pro app will be an essential tool in your daily life.。Take this portable document scanner with you.,Meet everyday business needs.。

Ocr:Support for English and Chinese.

Auxiliary translation.:English,Chinese,Italian,French,Spanish,Indonesian

📘 experience the simplicity of a document scanner.:
★ save interesting articles and book pages.,For later use.
★Scanner Pro can scan receipts to record travel expenses.
★ sign and scan the contract for return.
★ use a document scanner to convert paper notes and sketches to digital copies.

You can scan on your smartphone.,Store,Synchronize and collaborate on a variety of content.。

Scan documents using Scanner Pro.,For example, paper.,Receipt,Notes.,Invoice.,Contract.,Report.,Photos, etc.。Scan these documents.,Save to your device in image or PDF format.。

Scanner Pro supports high resolution and pixels to capture high-definition documents.。Automaticidentification and scanning of unclear documents.。Get clearer documentation.,Make content easier to read.。

Feature s️ features.
✥ scan scanned to your device in image or PDF format.。
Scan PDF Scanner Pro extra scans PDF with edge detection.。
✥ automatically detects the edge of the page.
✥ multi-page scan.
✥ portable Scanner Pro can quickly scan everything.,This saves you time and effort.。
✥ OCR function for search.,Edit and export.
✥ automatically detect sit uthe edges of a document.。
✥ color.,Grayscale or black-and-white scanning.
✥ Best Scanner Pro has all the features a clear scanner should have.
✥ scan the document as a PDF or JPG.
✥ crop and edit the document to a PDF.
✥ create folders to organize documents.
✥ share PDFs with friends or social media.

📊 camera scanner.

Scan receipts using your phone's camera.,Notes.,Invoice.,Whiteboard discussion.,Card,Certificates, etc.。

📙 scan scan quickly and easily.

Paper document scanner.,Receipt,Check.,Agreement.,Lease.,Dashboard。 Scanner Pro does a good job of scanning and digitizing a variety of paper.。You can even scan protocols and books into multiple pNFs or JPEG.。

📗 advanced image processing.

Scanner Pro can create a picture with the original.,Beautiful documents with colored stamps and signatures.。 Scanner Pro automatically detects boundaries in real time.,Correct deformations and geometry.。You can also manually adjust the crop area by tapping the screen.。

share your scan scan scans 📔.

Just scan any document.,Then click the Share button.。You can send scanned documents by e-mail.,Export to photos or open in any third-party application.。Use Scanner Pro.,You can also print documents.,Even fax documents.。


Update the log:

Crash fixes from the first son son some devices.


Version description:

Straight-packed crack version


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