Android Voice Memo MyRecorder v1.01.49.0707 [Pro]Premium Special Edition

Voice memos and one-click recorder MyRecorder is an easy-to-use and free recorder,Helps record meeting minutes,Interview,Speech,Music,Courses, etc。You can also use it offline without consuming any data。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

🤔 Do you experience poor recording quality?
🤨 Are you upset that you can't find a simple and professional recording app that supports editing?
✍️ do you need to easily record voice memos?
🧐 are you worried that you won't be able to quickly find the clip you want to play while playing the recording?
🔥 it's time to download 🏆 MyRecorder-Voice Memo and One Click Recorder!

🏆 MyRecorder-Voice Memo and One-Click Recorder 🏆 is an easy-to-use and free recorder,Helps record meeting minutes,Interview,Speech,Music,Courses, etc。

🏆 MyRecorder-voice memos and one-click recorders 🏆 recorded with stable quality,It will not be interrupted,There is no recording time limit。You can also use it offline without consuming any data。This is a very good recorder。
🙋 ♀️🙋 ♂️ for everyone:
This free voice memo recording app can help you in many ways,You can record your voice,Record conversations, etc。So,Your phone can be used as a telephone recorder,A recorder or music recorder。
👔 for office workers:
You can record meetings and make voice memos at any time,to avoid losing important information。This is a very good recorder,You can also use it as an audio manager for managing voice memos,It can support multiple speeds of playback,Supports fast and easy-to-use audio editing。You can also categorize each audio by adding tags。
🎵 for musicians:
You can quickly record with one click to capture the music inspiration in your mind,Without worrying about losing inspiration。Record music with this free and convenient recording app,I wish you an early release of your own record!
👑 for students:
Even if the teacher is far away from you,You can also record sound clearly。You can make voice comments and tags,to quickly find audio clips during the review process,To improve learning efficiency。This useful recording app may help you pass the exam!

✅ recorder - high-quality recording
🎧 supports a variety of sound properties:Mono,stereo…
😉 support a variety of recording formats:Aac,M4A,Amr,MP3
there is no recording time limit for ▶️,How long do you want to record it?
👌 record your true voice,Stable and clear
🥳 support multiple sources:Cell phone recording,Microphone recording…

👍 Audio Editor - Easily crop audio clips
▶️ audio player - multi-speed playback
📌 add tags to your audio at any time when you record or play
tags 📌 added,to quickly find marked audio notes
🎹 set the audio to ringtone

Background recording:
You can record in the background,You can continue recording even if the screen is off
Support is paused during a call:You can choose to pause recording while you answer a call,Or continue recording。You can turn this feature on or off in settings

Good interface:
🎧 display dynamic amplitudes based on sound size
Simple and beautiful interface,Quick recording and editing
🎈 the file size that displays each audio
🎊 Audio Manager - Clear Audio List page,You can sort it
share 🧡 easy


Update the log:

🌟 high-quality recordings,Stable and clear
🌟 there is no recording time limit,How long do you want to record it?
🌟 mark audio at any time,Record important fragments
🌟 easy-to-use audio editing


Version description:

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