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Beat tuner TomalEnergy for everything from music professionals to beginners,Whether it's singing,Play the brass pipe、A wooden tube or stringed instrument,Or any type of guitar,The app offers a range of features - a wealth of hands-on tools that provide interesting and valuable feedback。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

For beginners from music professionals,Whether it's singing,Play the brass pipe、A wooden tube or stringed instrument,Or any type of guitar,The app offers a range of features - a wealth of hands-on tools that provide interesting and valuable feedback。It's much more than a tuner!

So what makes TomalEnergy the best-selling music practice app?
This application is easy to use。Options like a target tuner or pitch tracker are available on all major pages。TonalEnergy helps users create valuable work during rehearsals or solo work、Achievable goals。Color analysis data pages and audio/video features enhance the hands-on experience。
It is a comprehensive application,State-of-the-art tuner、Advanced metronctor、Dedicated orchestral and guitar tuning pages、Piano keyboard、Sound analysis page and audio/recording functions。
The metronctor has the most advanced features。It's in the sound selection、Speed settings、Shoot no、Unparalleled flexibility in split mode and visual display。The vocals are ready to shoot、The ability to create and edit preset groups and Ableton links to sync multi-devices makes this app an excellent tool for performers。
Learning is a social activity。Use the features unique to ToralEnergy Tuning Masters,Can be collected、School reading、Edit and share data with others。Feedback is essential to enhance and develop good performers。All thanks to connectivity。
Hearing training has endless possibilities。Symphony instruments High quality multi-sample instrument sounds are unique in all tuning applications。Listening skills can be achieved by utilizing an octave eight-tone keyboard、Color wheels and pronunciators。These sounds are unique。

Supports external video output to external displays for rehearsal hall use
External MIDI keyboard control support
The mean of real fluctuations
Identify wide-range pitch,Extended ranges are lower than many similar tuners (C0-C8).,Can be on the tube instrument and acoustics、Electric string instruments are highly responsive
Compatible with external microphones and clamp-type vibration sensor devices
Switch the averaging law and other custom tuning laws now,Include user-defined tuning
Bluetooth and input/output support
A wide range of tuning lists for all orchestral and stringed instruments,Includes much more functionality than most other string-only tuner applications
The expandable eight octave piano keyboard enhances many important aspects of the tuner's functionality
The notation options include Standard UK、Singing the name method、Nordic and Indian variants
Frequency harmonics can overtone charts as well as multi-function waveforms
The dedicated metronctor page perfectly matches or exceeds the functionality available on all other standalone metronometer applications
The color wheel pronunciator has an optional auto-vibrato function
Audio and video recording features include editing、Sampling cycle、Time scaling
Use the ToralEnergy sound auto or instant reference sound feature
The reference tone of A-440 Hz can be adjusted
Automatic or manual transfer options
Universal applications,Directing supports all devices

The French No
- Short flutes、Flute.
High-pitched、Bass.、Sub-middle and upper bass saxophone
• Eb、Bb/A clarinet、Bass clarinet
Square wave、Sawtooth wave and sine waveform
Double reed tube、English horn、bassoon
The secondary and bass lengths
Low music and large
The organ
Play the instrument


Update the log:

– A radial current tone indicator has been added to the sound page tone wheel
– Tuner and analyze dB level indicator updates on the analysis page
– Fixed the initial A reference error at startup


Version description:

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