Windows 11 21H2 22000.71 20In1 mirror by fch1993

Windows 11 is Microsoft's Windows NT operating system, launched in 2021,is a successor to Windows 10。Love Green Soft

Version description:

1.This resource is not intended for out-of-the-box systems,More for secondary integration and testing。
2.Mirrors are made using UUP's mirror as a basis。
3.Non-N-version mirrors are made using the "Chinese Simplified" language version,The N-version mirror is made using the English-American version of the image。
4.The mirror is not converted to another SKU,Please download up-converter-wimlib and run create_virtual_editions.cmd for conversion(The default does not include professional single language version and professional Chinese only version,You need to modify the file yourself):
5.In the consideration of saving volume and facilitating secondary editing,There is no conversion of install.wim for esd,But both install.wim and boot.wim use wimlib for LZX:100compression,The compatibility is guaranteed with a higher compression ratio than the DISS。

Chinese version:
1.The N-version mirror is installed with Chinese language pack and corresponding features and fonts,Remove the original English language pack and features,and set the default language to Chinese。
2.The winre.wim that replaces the N-version image is the corresponding Chinese-version mirror。
3.Stay as it is whenever possible,No secondary modifications have been made to winre.wim,The mirror was not cleaned up。

Multilingual version;
1.21H2 is available in 43 languages,And the feature pack for all languages、Restore the mirror、Install images, etc。
2.Because the new languages available compared to Windows 10 depend on english language packs to run,So there are only 38 installing languages available at the time of installation。
3.Installing a home Chinese image in another language directly reports an error。(Features in other languages only can be used)
4.After integration of multilingual,Use”DISM /Image:C:\mount /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup”The image has been cleaned up(Didn't do/ResetBase),The modified winre.wim is LZX with wimlib:100compression,Minimize the size of the mirror。


1.Produced based on homemade Chinese Simplified and multi-Chinese rt version RTM images。
2.Contains 6 baseline versions(Home Edition、Family Chinese edition、Professional、Home N、Professional N)and the conversion got 15 versions。Collaboration no longer supports the latest updates that have been discarded。
3.Integration features and updates are as follows:

.NET Framewrok 3.5 (including Chinese Simplified language pack)
Microsoft Defender update (713th of the month)
KB5005011 (Service Stack Update 22000.65.1.0, July 21)
KB5004745 (cumulative update in July 21 2000.71.1))
KB5004034 (July 21 .NET Framewrok 4.8 Update 10.0.4395.6)
KB5004568 (Safe OS Update)
KB5004569 (mirror file update installed in June 21)
KB5004567 (windows update fix patch.),No installation will be pushed repeatedly for updates)

4.Convert to install.esd mirroring after conversion to save volume after conversion。
5.The production process is strictly guided by Microsoft's integration instructions:

Note:According to Microsoft's current recommendations recommended program,For winre.wim, simply integrate the Safe OS update,No need to integrate cumulative updates。(Boot.wim, on the other hand, is an integrated cumulative update rather than a Safe OS update)

Version description:





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