Baidu Map BaiDuMap OPPO Custom v10.21.0

Baidu Map Browse Map、Search for a location、Check the bus route、View real-time traffic conditions,Your travel guide、Life assistant。Subway map browsing is available,Ride plan inquiry,and accurate fare and time information。Love Green Soft

Baidu Map BaiDuMap OPPO Custom v10.21.0

Description of the app:

Baidu Map is a new generation of artificial intelligence maps,Is to provide users with intelligent route planning and navigation、Location inquiry、A platform for travel-related services such as smart travel,Supports global voice manipulation,New interactive modes such as AR live navigation。Baidu Map International Map has covered more than 200 countries and regions around the world。Committed to providing users with more accurate、Richer、Easier-to-use travel services。

Smart Navigation
-Bus navigation to station reminders,Real-time bus coverage of many cities
-Intelligent positioning,A weak GPS signal also allows for continuous navigation
-Road conditions are updated in seconds,Recommend better routes in real time,Smart to avoid congestion

Smart Planning
-Available for the next 7 days,Travel route planning at any time,Easy to view in advance
-Provides included taxis、Driving、public transit、Walk.、Ride、Train.、Intelligent planning schemes for travel modes such as aircraft
-Time first,Avoid congestion,There is less charge,Don't take a variety of routes such as high speed preferences for you to choose from
-Nationwide,Intelligent travel options with a combination of multiple modes of transport

Smart Recommendations
-Smart travel,Tour routes are recommended、AI guides follow the instruction、AR guides the live-field lead,Let you play around the scenic spot
-Depending on the individual's travel time、preferences such as manner,Personally recommend quality solutions
-Discover the perimeter,One click to find around to eat, drink and have fun good places

Smart Voice
-Voice technology industry leader,Full-end wake-up is possible,Global manipulation
-Shout "smallness",Easily check the route、Search the location、Ask about the weather,Search along the way


Update the log:

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Version description:

Custom version

No launch ads、No activity tips,No forced upgrade prompts pop-up window

No small program promotion, Trading area/contribution/merchant entrance/navigation guarantee/traffic number


Download the address: (Access password.):666888)



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