Cut out the Professional version for Windows v1.6.0 Green Portable Edition

Cut Professional Edition is an all-in-one easy-to-use desktop-side editing software,It makes it easy for you to cut and stage a big show,Make creation easier。Love Green Soft

Cuts the Pro version for Windows v1.6.0 Green Portable Edition

Description of the app:

Cut the Pro version
Thanks to greater creative space,We have carefully designed the layout of the panel,Meet more professional editing scenes,Let more people enjoy the joy of creation。

Professional features make creation more with less effort
Smart features,Let AI empower your creations。Give the complicated operation to AI,Save time and leave it to creation。
Higher-order functionality,Overwrite the full clip scene,Meet your various editing needs。

Simple:The interface layout is clear and intuitive

Put the timeline、The library、Interface layouts such as players are simplified,Lets you easily edit great videos。

Efficient:Multi-track clips

Powerful multi-track editing capabilities,The track arrangement is well organized,More has the ability to regularly display the main video track,Precisely locate a variety of footage clips;Operate with common key rats,Helps you easily complete all kinds of clips。

Professional:Higher-order functionality

Curve change speed、Mask、Mixed mode、Powerful features such as color adjustment cover the entire scene of the clip;Music tap function,Helps you quickly create rhythmic shots;More speech recognition,Add subtitles and lyrics with one click,Save time and focus on clips,Splash your creativity。

Rich:Massive amount of material

The library carefully collects all kinds of pop music,Beautiful effects are available、Transition、Stickers、Floral words and other creative tools;No matter small fresh,It's still tall,A large amount of material can meet your various needs,Let the work be full of aesthetic collision。


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Version description:

Green Portable Edition


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