Graphics detection GPU-Z v2.33 Chinese version

GPU-Z is a graphics detection tool on windows platform,TechPowerUp GPU-Z is a must-have tool for graphics graphics detection.,Designed to provide important information about your video card and graphics processor.。GPU-Z native single execution file.,Bring your own startup wizard.,Green portable installation-free.,The interface is intuitive.,The GPU core can be displayed once it is run.,and how often it runs.、Process parameter information such as bandwidth.,Just like CPU-Z.,This is also a necessary hardware detection tool.。Love Green Soft

显卡检测 GPU-Z v2.21.0 汉化版本

Description of the app:

Key features
Support for NVIDIA.,Amd,ATI and Intel graphics devices.
The adapter is displayed.,GPU and display information.
Show overclocking.,Default clock and 3D clock,if available
Includes GPU load testing.,to verify the PCI-Express channel configuration.
Verify the results.
GPU-Z can create a backup of the graphics BIOS.
No installation required,Optional installers are available.
Windows XP is supported. / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit versions support)

1、The detailed name of the video card.。It's like nvidia's 9800 series is divided into GT.、Gtx.、GTX plus and so on.,These should be able to have a general judgment on the name.。These are 9800 in the doorway of the adulterous merchant.,If you don't check.,Maybe you're buying the worst-performing one.。
2、GPU name.、How many nanometers of process process esprocess seams.,Manufacturing time and so on.。
3、The memory type.,Memory size
4、GPU clock frequency.,Drive version and so on.。
5、See if CUDA is supported.、Advanced features such as PhysX.。


Update the log:

v2.33.0 update.:2020July 3, 2014.
- Fixes Windows. 10 2004 Detection of the D3D12 mesh shader on.
- Improved AMD Renoir support.,Fixed multiple crashes and issues.
- On AMD integrated graphics cards.,Report power consumption as "GPU power consumption" instead of GPU chip power consumption
Fixes an issue where GPU-Z crashes when "Show sensor values in GPU-Z window headers" enabled.
- Fixed the maximum percentage error of the VRAM usage sensor on some graphics cards.
- Fixes some rare AMD memory size error reports.
Fixes an issue that crashed when the old ATI graphics card started.
Added support for AMD Navi 12/Radeon Pro 5600M.
Added to NVIDIA RTX. 2060 & 2070 Mobile. (TU106-B.)、Support for the GeForce MX330 and MX350.
Added to Comet Lake UHD Graphics. 610 & 630、Support for Coffee Lake UHD Graphics P630.


Version description:


Removed version detection can be used for a long time.,Adjusts the display of Chinese characters.
Go to all non-Chinese Simplified hint strings contained in the original.,Reduce the size of the program.。


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